BGMI iOS Download: How to Download BGMI 3.1 iOS Update for iPhone/iPad?

BGMI Download iOS: Here, you will find the complete details about BGMI iOS Download 3.1 update. The latest version of BGMI for iOS brings lots of new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance user experience. By following this guide, you can easily download BGMI on iPhone and iPad.

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BGMI 3.1 iOS Update Download

BGMI 3.1 iOs update download is a Battle Royale game by Krafton. The game is full of amusements; here, you can play in various modes & maps and become the last surviving by finishing opponents and utilizing equipment to win the match. It is a multiplayer game, but you can play it as Solo/Duo/Squad.

On logging in to the updated version, you will be rewarded with exciting rewards such as outfits, skins, and other surprises. It is not only a one-time reward; you will keep getting these rewards as you keep playing the game and updating to the latest version.

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BGMI 3.1 Update Patch Notes

The BGMI 3.1 patch notes update is bringing many new and exciting changes; some of the major changes that have been announced in the patch notes are:

  1. New Themed Mode – Skyhigh Spectacle: In the Skyhigh Spectacle Themed Mode, the gigantic Nimbus island appears on the flight path. Nimbus Island is a magnificent city in the sky.
  2. New Gameplay – Genie: Eliminate all enemies on the island, harness all the blessings you can from the magic lamps, and collect supplies along with an extra respawn card these are your crucial measures on the road to chicken dinner
  3. New Vehicle – Flying Carpet: The all-new two-seater vehicle, Flying Carpet is sure to become your trusty accomplice on this adventure.
  4. Sky Treasure Ship: Don’t fret if you’re unable to enter Nimbus Island, you can board the sky treasure ship and unlock crates or with the aid of the treasure map find crates that grant extra supplies.
  5. Major Miramar Updates: Miramar has been majorly updated in this version! This update comes with a special weather condition: Sandstorm! Players caught in a sandstorm will continuously lose health, so be sure to avoid them!

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BGMI 3.1 Update iOS Release Date

The BGMI 3.1 update iOS release date is 27 March 2024, but the date and timing will be different for Android and iOS, and here is the timing of when it will be available to download.

Update Slowly Rolls Out27 March 202412:30 PM
Play Store27 March 202412:30 PM
App Store27 March 202404:00 AM
Release for All28 March 202412:30 PM

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How to Download BGMI iOS Update for iPhone/iPad?

Step 1: Go to the App Store
Step 3: Click on the Download /Update button
Step 4: Launch the updated version and download the resource files
Step 5: Log in to BGMI with your social media account

Download BGMI for iOS | (BGMI iOS Download)

BGMI iOS Update - Download BGMI For iOS (iPad/iPhone)
Size1.9 GB
SellerKRAFTON, Inc.
CompatibilityiPhone/iPad (iOS 11.0 or later)
Release Date27 March 2024
Last UpdatedApril 2024

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Is VPN Necessary to Play Battlegrounds Mobile India 3.1 Update?

No, there is no need to connect a VPN to play if you are an Indian user.

Is BGMI 3.1 Available In India?

Yes, the BGMI 3.1 update is available in India as it is officially launched for Indian users only.

Can I Play BGMI On a Mac?

Yes, you can use any emulator to play BGMI on the Mac.

BGMI iOS Download Without App Store

It is not possible to download BGMI without the App Store.

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