BGMI 1.6 Patch Notes Update (Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 Patche Notes)

/ / BGMI 1.6 Patch Notes Update (Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 Patche Notes)

After the release of PUBG Mobile 1.6 BGMI Patch Notes has been released where you will find lots of similarities. In the BGMI 1.6 patch notes update you will be experiencing lots of new and improved items in the game. The updates coming in BGMi have been already released in the Global PUBG.

We will be talking about all the upcoming items and improvements made in the game with complete details. Here we have the good news for both the Battlegrounds Mobile India players who play on low-end devices as well as those who play on high-end devices. So make sure to read the complete article.

PUBG Mobile Resistance Survival Of The Fittiest
Credit: PUBG Mobile

BGMI 1.6 Patch Notes Highlights

  • Storage Requirement
  • Update Rewards
  • New Mode: Flora Menace
  • Cell Matrix
  • Returning Maps/Modes
  • Royale Pass Month 3: Chef’s Special
BGMI Last Day S19 RPJuly 12, 2021
BGMI 1.5 Update DateJuly 13, 2021, 07:30 PM
S19 Royale Pass LockJuly 13, 2021, 05:30 AM
BGMI S19 Tier ResetJuly 14, 2021, 07:30 AM
BGMI Royale Pass C1S1(M1)July 14, 2021, 07:30 AM
BGMI Royale Pass C1S1 (M2)August 13, 2021, 07:30 AM


These are the changes that have been made in the game, for a better user experience changes regarding storage have been made with some improved graphics. Let us have a look at everything one by one.

1. Storage Requirement

From today (September 16, 2021) there some changes going to be seen in the game related to phone storage. From now onwards the update will require 690 MB space on Android whereas the iOS devices will require 1.68 GB of storage space.

2. Update Rewards

Update to the new version between 16 and September 19 (UTC 0) to get: 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and the Justice Defender Backpack (3d) ×1

3. New Mode: Flora Menace

Erangel has been invaded by alien plants known as Yarilo. After absorbing special energy, the Yarilo quickly took over the major core urban areas and created the Rejuvenation Barrier, which has healing powers.

PUBG Mobile New Mode: Flora Menace
Credit: PUBG Mobile

4. Cell Matrix

The Cell Matrix is a giant spaceship that carries everyone’s hopes of escape, has gone out of control because of the invasion. For this players have to go to the Cell Matrix to conduct investigations, reclaim the energy, and experience awesome battles with random weapon drops and respawns. Call DynaHex Supplies to keep you well-supplied in battle.

PUBG Mobile Cell Matrix
Credit: PUBG Mobile

5. Returning Maps/Modes

PUBG Mobile pays attention to every talk held on the web, and that’s why they are bringing some old maps and modes back once again. The maps and modes that are returning back in the .1.6 update are:

  • Metro Royale: Reunion (Improved)
  • Titans: Last Stand
  • Vikendi
  • Survive Till Dawn
  • Payload 2.0
  • Infection Mode
  • Runic Power
  • VS AI

6. Royale Pass Month 3: Chef’s Special (9/17–10/17)

Better rewards at the same price! Will you be the Server Golden Chicken? Try your luck!

6. Royale Pass Month 3: Chef's Special (9/17–10/17)
Credit: PUBG Mobile

These are some of the major changes that have been informed by the BGMI on their official patch notes. Along with these improvements, some changes in the game have been made in the game for a better user experience and they are adding more exciting rewards in the free royale pass and elite royale pass.

If you have any queries regarding these Patch Notes update watch this below video and I’m sure all your doubts will be clear.

These are some of the major changes that you are going to experience in the BGMI 1.6 upcoming update coming on September 16, 2021. If this is useful don’t forget to share it with your squad members.

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