BGMI 3.0 Patch Notes January Update (BGMI Shadow Force Update)

BGMI 3.0 Patch Notes Update: The latest patch notes have been released with lots of improvements and new features, such as Shadow Force Theme Mode, Shadow Blade, Proxy Scout, Respawn Battle, and more. These changes will arrive in the January 2024 BGMI 3.0 Patch Notes update.

Key Updates

  1. Shadow Force Themed Mode
  2. Shadow Blade
  3. Proxy scout
  4. Respawn Battle
  5. New Season Update

BGMI 3.0 Patch Notes Preview

These are the changes that have been made in the BGMI 3.0 Patch Notes Update:

New Themed Mode: Shadow Force

In the new themed mode, a new Shadow Force themed area is available. Here, you can find lots of improvements and new items.

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade is the most powerful melee weapon added in the latest 3.0 update. It has a unique attack mode: Slash to generate sword aura which can attack enemies at range. This overcomes the short attack range of melee weapons.

At the same time, we can also use the Draw slash skill to Dash a short distance and deal tons of damage rapidly! Escape is impossible for your opponents! Furthermore, Shadow Blade has an even stronger feature: Assault Blade. When enemies shoot at you head-on Shadow Blade will automatically block the shots briefly.

New Tactical Item: Proxy Scout

A new Tactical item has been introduced that is Proxy Scout. Players can use it by throwing it which creates a clone of yourself that you can control to scout opponents. The clone can’t deal damage, but its movement sounds still show on the enemy mini-map which can confuse them and disrupt their judgment.

I can also use the Skytether Hook. When the Clone is defeated or manually detonated it pushes nearby opponents away. But be careful, while controlling the clone, your real body remains stationary leaving it at risk of being ambushed.

Remodeled Old Urban Areas

In the new version, some old urban areas have been upgraded and remodeled which are 70% familiar and 30% new. Such as new ziplines between building which helps in move faster and eliminate opponents in unexpected ways. Some new buildings, paths, and hidden supply warehouses have been also made.

Respawn Battle

The new version introduces another respawn mechanic, Respawn Battle. The original teammate recall feature is still here, but now there’s one more way to respawn aside from using a Respawn Card. Eliminate opponents in the respawn battle and win your own respawn chance.

Respawn Battles start at fixed times. Once it begins eliminated players are transported to a select Battleground to fight with random equipment. But be very careful you can only respawn twice at most of a match and it’s over if you get eliminated again after that.

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Wrap Up

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