How To Get Chicken Dinner In BGMI [Battlegrounds Mobile India]?

On the internet, there are hundreds of tips and tricks on How To Get a Chicken Dinner In BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)? But from all those, only a few are useful to us whereas the remaining are useless of waste of time. Being a BGMI player I know what are the best tactics to get more finishes and chicken dinner.

In this article, I will be sharing some of the proven tips and tricks that I follow and many professional eSports players follow to win maximum matches with minimum effort. Stick to the end of the page and I will guide you with it.

How To Get Chicken Dinner In BGMI?

15 Tips & Tricks On How To Get Chicken Dinner In BGMI?

These are some of the best techniques that can be used to get chicken dinner and MVP in BGMI. All the below mentioned tips are tried and tested by professional players.

1. Land Fastly

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is to land ASAP, when you land instantly go for the best weapons available near you, let it be anything just pick and keep moving. There are several tutorials on the fast landing, so make sure to learn some of those.

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2. Pick Strong Squad

Avoid playing with randoms because with random there will be a lack of conversation, so it would be much better if you have a fixed team in which each player are master in at least one thing, such as Sniper, Sprayer, Fragger, Medic or have any best tactics. Also, don’t forget to select your IGL (In-game Leader) on whose command all the actions by other players will be performed.

3. Pick Best Guns (Low Recoil, High Damage)

Selection of the best weapons is an important factor after all you are going to fight with them. So learn them before using them, some of the best weapons used by almost every player are AKM, M416, M762, UMP45, AWM, SCAR-L, Kar98.

4. Pick Best Attachments

Attachments are useful in making a balance while shooting and improve the target shot. There are multiple slots are available in guns like M416 so practice all of them in the training ground and make your selection.

5. Improve Reflexes

Reflexes are the action performed by you after spotting an enemy. For better finishes, it is advisable to improve your reflexes. Because sometimes you have to battle with multiple enemies one after another then your quick crosshair response is mandatory in those situations. You can practice this on the training ground with dummy moving statues.

6. Enable Peek & Fire

Peek & Fire is a basic setting by which you can finish your moving without revealing yourself completely. Peek & Fire works best with the snipers because they need only one bullet either to knock or finish.

7. Carry Throwables

Throwables are always helpful let it be grenades, stuns, smoke, and cocktails. But you have to master the best use of throwables. There are several guides on the best use of throwables in BGMI and the best techniques to use throwables.

8. Keep An Eye On Map

Map in BGMI gives you the full details of your near position and play zone area. It also gives the info about teammates’ location, enemy footsteps, and firing. So that you know what is going on near you.

9. Don’t Rush

To Get good finishes and chicken dinner rush is never a good idea, to avoid this you can pick a sniper and scope. Because in rushing you don’t know what is your enemy cooking to finish you and what are weapons they are carrying.

10. Use Covered Vehicles

Covered Vehicles deviate the shooting angle of the opponent in comparison to open vehicles like Motorcycle. The most powerful vehicle comes in an airdrop by using a flare gun when the zone is near you. But the negative side about this covered vehicle is neither you will be able to shoot from inside the van.

11. Stay Away From Drop In Initial

When you don’t have good weapons it is highly recommended to stay away from Airdrops in initially. Because your opponent might be waiting for you with a high damaging sniper from a far location.

12. Use Freelook

Freelook gives you the view of everything around you without moving from your location. Because if you are at the end of the zone and you don’t want your enemy to know your location then Freelook is one of the finest things I have ever found.

13. Keep Your Weapons Fully Loaded

Keeping the weapons fully loaded will help you in battle with enemies spotted accidentally. Suppose if you are moving with unloaded guns and the enemy spotted you or you spotted the enemy then in that situation fully loaded weapons work like a charm.

14. Keep Moving In Zig Zag

While running in an open space don’t run in a straight line run in Zig Zag or in other words use Ziggle movement so that the enemy can’t make a good shooting angle at you and they miss every shot made on you because you are moving in non-stop way.

15. Use A Good Device

A good device is highly recommended when you need a good game because in a low-end device your device will either heat too much or lag too much unnecessarily. Try upgrading to a high-end device that doesn’t heat much either lag too much.

These are some of the best techniques that will help you to get a Chicken Dinner in BGMI. But in the end, what matters are your skills so practice every day in Training Ground and in Real Matches. Because in one day no one become a pro player in BGMI. So practice and grab maximum finishes as well as chicken dinners.

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