BGMI Chicken Dinner: How to Get Chicken Dinner in BGMI?

BGMI Chicken Dinner: Every BGMI players want to win all the matches they play and get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. But it is not that easy to win the game and get chicken dinner, so here is the complete guide on how to get chicken dinner in BGMI by following some simple techniques. These techniques will help you survive longer and increase the winning probability.

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BGMI Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

How to Get Chicken Dinner in BGMI?

Here are some of the best techniques to get chicken dinner in BGMI:

1. Choose the Drop Location

There are some popular hot drop locations where lots of loot can be found easily; that’s why most players prefer to land on those locations to get easy loot and maximum finishes in a short time. Those locations are Novo, Georgepool, Pochinki, School, etc. It would be better to mark the location when you are on the plane for faster landing and pick the best equipment.

2. Best Equipment Selection

In BGMI best equipment selection is an important part of the match, so you have to choose the equipment wisely. Wrong equipment selection might be difficult for you to win the match and grab finishes. It is advised to test all the equipment in the training ground before entering the ranked matches.

3. Best Armor Selection

As you know, BGMI is a game of survival where you have to finish opponents and survive till the end of the match to get chicken dinner. But along with finishing opponents, you also have to protect yourself with the help of high-level armor. So always try getting a high-level Vest and Helmet, as they help very much against opponent attacks.

4. Right Throwables Selection

In BGMI, there are 6 throwables, but only 5 are available for the battlegrounds. Throwables are very effective in many situations, whether for rush or protection, it helps in every case. So practice each of the throwables and master them.

5. Rush Carefully

When the opponent team is not visible or taking cover behind something unexpected, then in such situations, many players think of rushing. But it can be done carefully if you figure out everything about that location and rush carefully. Smart players pick up a sniper and long-range scope (8X) and look for every aspect of that location, then think of rush.

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