How to Get a Real BGMI Airdrop?

BGMI Airdrop: You might have seen many people receiving real BGMI airdrop. Krafton keeps sending free gifts to creators and popular BGMI streamers, and the gift packing is done like an airdrop in the game. If also want a real airdrop, then follow this guide, and I’m sure one day krafton will send you a real drop as a gift.

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How To Get A Real Airdrop From Battlegrounds Mobile India
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How To Get A Real Airdrop From BGMI?

There isn’t any direct way to get a real Airdrop from Battlegrounds Mobile India, but there are some alternative ways by which you can get it. Let’s have a look at all the possible ways separately:

1. Upload BGMI Contents On YouTube

This is the easiest way by which you can receive a real Airdrop from BGMI, but you have to put in extra effort from your side in the initial days to grab the audience’s attention. First of all, create some engaging videos (Tutorials. Tips & Tricks, News & Updates, Crate Opening, etc).

When you have built a reputed channel and getting good responses on videos, you can either ask them via the support page or even they might contact you to offer a gift for the work. Nowadays, YouTube Shorts are getting amazing responses, so try making short clips of interesting gameplay and upload them as Shorts.

2. Create BGMI Contents On Instagram

For quick growth, Instagram would be difficult for a new creator if the video is not that much engaging. But you can take the help of Reels because the reach on Reels is amazing; even if your account is new or old, the reach will be the same for all.

So my recommendation is to create engaging Reels and doesn’t forget to use appropriate hashtags as your videos will be featured in those hashtags, so it is a free way of quick promotion.

3. Create Meme Page Dedicated To BGMI & PUBG

Currently, meme pages are becoming popular, especially the page built on a single topic. There are so many meme pages that are dedicated to one topic, game, or any single product.

4. Write Blog Articles About BGMI

You can also become a blogger and write blog articles about Battlegrounds Mobile India on your website. Websites would be difficult for you if you have zero knowledge of blogging. So I don’t recommend this to you, but if you have knowledge about it, create a micro-niche on BGMI.

5. Become BGMI Top Player

Becoming a BGMI top player would be a bit challenging because it takes lots of effort and time, and nowadays, there are so many cheaters coming into the game, which makes the gaming experience frustrating when you are playing genuinely.

These are some of the best ways by which one can get a real airdrop from BGMI. But all these tasks will take time, and you have to become famous and gain exposure in this field to grab Krafton’s attention towards you. But it is all up to your luck; if Krafton has not decided to reward you anything, you are not going to get anything.

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Wrap Up

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