FF MAX Layout: Best Custom HUD In Free Fire MAX

This is the complete guide to Best Custom HUD In Free Fire MAX layout settings to improve your gameplay with your own customized control layout in FF MAX. By following this article, you will get clear mindset of how to adjust Free Fire MAX controls layout for maximum victory.

While customizing Free Fire MAX Custom HUD, some buttons might be removable whereas some are non-removable, so remove them wisely. Garena Free Fire MAX has a variety of controls and each of them have their own unique functionalities and using them effectively will help us in incredible gameplay.

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What Is Custom HUD In Free Fire MAX?

Custom HUD (Heads-Up Display) in Free Fire MAX means the custom control layout used to operate the in-game character. As much the layout is easy to manage, better gameplay we can achieve. So here is a quick guide to select the best custom HUD in FF MAX.

How To Choose Best HUD Settings In Free Fire MAX?

Here are some of the most used tips to choose the best custom HUD in Free Fire MAX.

1. Finger Set-Up

There are many players all over the world and each of them have their own playing style, some play with 2 fingers, some with 3 fingers, whereas there are some people who use even 4-6 fingers.

In majority, most of the players choose to go either with 3 fingers or 4 fingers. But it is all up to the players, how they feel much comfortable. Here is a quick guide that will help you to decide how you should set up your finger controls.

2. Comfort Is Everything

While gaming, if you are not comfortable with your custom HUD, then I’m sure you can’t be a good player. Doesn’t matter whose HUD you have copied, but remember comfort is everything. So first, decide that you are comfortable with the current customizations.

3. Buttons Transparency

Free Fire MAX has the option of buttons transparency, by which players can customize the opacity of buttons on the screen. Many players keep it half or less than half in order to reduce the distraction and spot the opponent clearly, which also helps in better aim.

4. Buttons Size

Buttons size is also a one of the most important item in the game, FF MAX has the option to decrease and increase its size. Most players keep the fire and scope button bigger to find and press quickly to get more finishes in less time. So you can also try it.

5. Buttons Adjustment

Here comes the final stage, adjustment of buttons. The better you align buttons, the better optimization you get. Here you can align each action button according to your claw setup and comfort, but some items are non-removable that have been listed below.

Removable Buttons

  • Pet emote
  • Emote
  • Fire
  • Pin
  • Surf
  • Scope
  • Item slot
  • Ping
  • Prone
  • Healing
  • Sprint
  • Left-hand Fire
  • HP/armor status
  • Move joystick
  • Bag
  • Weapon swapper
  • Crouch
  • Jump
  • Character skill
  • Kill status
  • Activation
  • Revive

Non-Removable Buttons

  • Alive and kill counter
  • Navigator
  • Mini-map
  • Voice chat
  • Item pickup
  • Mute

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How To Customize FF MAX HUD Settings?

Step 1: Log in to the game > Click on Gear icon (Settings)

Step 1: Log in to the game > Click on Gear icon (Settings)

Step 2: In Controls section, tap on Custom HUD

Step 2: In Controls section, tap on Custom HUD

Step 3: Change whatever you want to customize > Save

Step 3: Change whatever you want to customize > Save

Free Fire MAX Control Settings 2 Finger

The default HUD is the ideal setting for 2 finger players, but if you want to customize, try to adjust fire and scope button size and reduce the transparency and size of those buttons that you don’t use more.

Free Fire MAX 2 Finger Custom HUD Settings

3 Finger Custom HUD In Free Fire MAX

3 Finger claw HUD settings are considered as an ideal setting, in three finger layouts we put the fire button on top in left side and joystick under thumb along with some other useful buttons near the joystick to pick useful items quickly.

Here is a quick guide on ff max 3 finger custom HUD, but always remember one thing controls of all players defers depending upon their hand, device, and comfort.

3 Finger Custom HUD In Free Fire MAX Tutorial

4 Finger HUD In Free Fire MAX

3 finger setup is better, but the 4 finger claw HUD settings are the best in all and almost every eSports players choose to play with the 4 finger claw setup as it gives freedom to use more buttons efficiently. Mastering 4 finger claw setup in free fire max would be difficult, but once you get a hand on it, I’m sure you are going to love and grind your gameplay to peak.

4 Finger HUD In Free Fire MAX Tutorial

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I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about FF MAX Layout: Best Custom HUD In Free Fire MAX. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with WargXP.com.