17 Garena Free Fire MAX Pets & Abilities

This is the complete guide on Free Fire MAX Pets and their Abilities with detailed information about it, to use them effectively. Currently, Garena Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular battle royale game in which you have the option to choose between 20 pets of their own choice.

Each pet available in FF MAX has its own unique special abilities and the pet list keep on increasing by time to make the game more engaging for the players.

Garena Free Fire MAX Pets List & Abilities

Here we have listed all the FF MAX pets and their special abilities that will help you in a better gameplay. Let us have a look at all the pets and their special features one by one.

Action performed by all the pets are same that is “Action that triggers when the pet is happy. When defeating an enemy or using a med kit.

1. Sensei Tig (Nimble Ninja)

Tig is my name, and slick is my game

Special Ability: Reduces the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills

NameSensei Tig
SkillReduces the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Sensei Tig (Nimble Ninja)
© Free Fire

2. Dr. Beanie (Dashy Duckwalk)

He insists on everyone calling him Dr. He is not one though

Special Ability: Move quicker when you walk like Dr. Beanie.

NameDr. Beanie
SkillWhen in crouch position, movement speed increases
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Dr. Beanie (Dashy Duckwalk)
© Free Fire

3. Moony (Paranormal Protection)

Although not from this world, he loves everything about us!

Special Ability: Protection during interaction countdown.

SkillDamage reduction when owner is in interaction countdown (e.g. using Med Kit, Repairing, etc).
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Moony (Paranormal Protection)
© Free Fire

4. Dreki (Dragon Glare)

Nothing is known of his past, or of why he’s here. Perhaps he ha come to answer to a calling.

Special Ability: Opponents recovering behind a wall will be exposed.

SkillOwner is able to spot 1 opponent who are using Medkit within a 10m range, lasts for 3s.
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Dreki (Dragon Glare)
© Free Fire

5. Beaston (Helping Hand)

Don’t judge by his looks. He has a soft heart.

Special Ability: With Beaston by your side, you gained greater strength in your throws!

SkillThrowing distance of Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbag, and Smoke Grenade increases.
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Beaston (Helping Hand)
© Free Fire

6. Rockie (Stay Chill)

After dying its hair green. Rockie learnt that the color has already gone out of fashion.

Special Ability: Reduce cooldown time of active skills for its owner.

SkillCooldown time of equipped active skill decreases
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Rockie (Stay Chill)
© Free Fire

7. Mr. Waggor (Smooth Gloo)

Once a guinea pig in the lab, Mr. Waggor was brought home as a pet due to his cuteness. That led to his great escape and subsequent wandering life.

Special Ability: Produces a Gloo Wall grenade when the owner seems to be needing one.

NameMr. Waggor
SkillWhen player has no Gloo Wall grenade, Mr. Waggor can produce 1 Gloo Wall grenade every 120 seconds.
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Mr. Waggor (Smooth Gloo)
© Free Fire

8. Falco (Skyline Spree)

When it spreads its wings and soars, sky and land merges at the horizon.

Special Ability: Glide further after skydive. Faster diving speed after parachute opens (applies to entire team).

SkillIncreaes in gliding speed upon skydive and when parachute opens
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX (Skyline Spree)
© Free Fire

9. Ottero (Double Blubber)

Sleeps with its headphones on, a musically talented otter.

Special Ability: When using Treatment Pistol or Med Kit, the receiver will recover some EP as well.

SkillWhen using Treatment Pistol or Med Kit, the receiver will also recover some EP.
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Ottero (Double Blubber)
© Free Fire

10. Poring (Stitch and Patch)

Special Ability: Increases armor durability.

SkillIncreases helmet and armor durability. Prevenets armor and helmet from being destroyed
Free Fire MAX Poring (Stitch and Patch)
© Free Fire

11. Robo (Wall Enforcement)

Once a helpful house robot. Robo ended up on his island after wandering astray.

Special Ability: Adds a shield to the gloo wall.

SkillAdds a shield to the gloo wall, providing additional HP.
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Robo (Wall Enforcement)
© Free Fire

12. Spirit Fox (Well Fed)

A fox that traveled from somewhere far away. Also known as man’s second-best friend.

Special Ability: Restore extra HP when using a Med Kit.

NameSpirit Fox
SkillRestore extra HP when using a Med Kit
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Spirit Fox (Well Fed)
© Free Fire

13. Shiba (Mushroom Sense)

BAM! Shiba is here! Prepare yourselves!

Special Ability: Shiba will find the surrounding mushrooms and mark them on the mini map.

SkillMark one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map. The mark last for 30s.
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Shiba (Mushroom Sense)
© Free Fire

14. Kitty

I am Kitty, a cute Kitty

Price299 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Kitty
© Free Fire

15. Mechanical Pup

Man’s best friend mixed with modern technology.

NameMechanical Pup
Price299 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Mechanical Pup
© Free Fire

16. Night Panther (Weight Training)

The end is near.. (Pet Skill: Increase Inventory space)

Special Ability: Every time the panther does a weight training, the owner can get more inventory space in-game.

NameNight Panther
SkillIncreases inventory space
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Night Panther (Weight Training)
© Free Fire

17. Detective Panda (Panda’s Blessings)

I will protect the world! (Skill: Panda’s Blessings)

Special Ability: The Panda has all kinds of Surprises!

NameDetective Panda
SkillRestore HP upon kill
Price699 Diamonds
Free Fire MAX Detective Panda (Panda's Blessings)
© Free Fire


What Are Pets In Free Fire MAX?

Pets in Free Fire MAX are the companion that always stays with the player and help them in using some special abilities unlocked by the players. Most of the time pets in FF MAX just roam around and stare at the player.

How To Get A Pet In Free Fire MAX?

Currently none of the Garena Free Fire MAX Pet is available for free, you have to purchase and unlock special abilities with diamonds. Price of all the pets have been already mentioned above.

What Is Pet Abilities In Free Fire MAX?

Pet abilities are just like Free Fire MAX Character abilities, sometimes it is shared with rest of the teammates. Almost all the pets have 3 upgradeable levels.

Can Enemy See Pet?

No, enemy can’t see the pet you’re carrying, neither you can see enemies pet.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about Free Fire MAX Pets and their abilities. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with WargXP.com.