How To Reach Grand Master In Free Fire MAX Quickly?

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This is the step-by-step guide on How To Reach Grand Master In Free Fire MAX quickly with minimum effort. Grand Master is the most honored rank in Free Fire MAX, but it is not that easy to achieve and players have put lots of effort and play the game with proper strategy.

In Free Fire MAX Grand Master rank is given to limited players only Top 300 Players Of The Region who are the best in everything. In return, Free Fire MAX also gives some special rewards to the players at this rank.

Points To Reach Grand Master In Free Fire MAX

Tier (Rank)Rank Points
Grand MasterTop 300 Of The Region
How To Reach Grand Master In Garena Free Fire MAX Quickly?
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7 Tips To Reach Grand Master In Free Fire MAX?

Follow the below tips to reach Grand Master in Free Fire MAX quickly, these are the tried & tested methods and used by most pro players.

1. Early Rank Push

It is a fact that most of the players don’t play at the beginning of the season, and I think this is the best time to begin the rank push. Starting in early stage will give you better rank before other players achieve it.

Suppose a player is starting rank push later then it would be difficult for that player and the season might end up by reaching 11000-12000 Rank Points.

2. Pick A Better Squad

Whether it is Clash Squad Mode or Battle Royale mode, picking a better squad will always be helpful if they also want to push rank and reach Grand Master. Having a better squad will build up better synergy between teammates.

3. Selection Of Better Characters

In Free Fire MAX, there are a total of 43 characters in the game, and each of them have their own unique abilities. So, mastering the character abilities will help you to defeat your opponents. You can also check our complete guide on Garena Free Fire MAX Characters and Abilities.

4. Selection Of Better Pets

You will find 17 unique pets in Free Fire MAX and each of them have their own unique abilities. Choosing the right pet depending upon your requirement will help you to fight against the opponent. You can also check out our guide on Garena Free Fire MAX Pets and Abilities.

5. Best Weapons Selection

Weapons selection is an important part of the game, selection of the wrong weapon would make you lose the match, so you have to be smart and choose the best weapon that deals with maximum damage. Some of the best guns in Free Fire MAX are:

  • M79
  • Groza
  • Gatling
  • M14
  • AWM

6. Practice & Improve Skills

Practice Makes A Man Perfect

The quote is absolutely true, the more you practice your skills will improve, and can easily reach Grand Master by achieving maximum kills. For practice, Training Ground is the best place. Training Ground will help you in getting the knowledge about weapons and how to use them effectively that will improve your aim skills while moving.

7. Complete Missions

By completing missions, you are not only moving towards Grand Master, but also creating an opportunity to earn some free in-game rewards. So complete all the missions given to you.

8. Survival Duration

In rank push Survival duration play an important role, so it is better to play safe and stay till the end of the match. Some quick tips to increase survival duration in FF MAX are:

  • Play safe
  • Stay in cover
  • Stick with squad
  • Don’t run in open space
  • Keep an eye on air drops from distance


What Is RP In Free Fire MAX?

In Free Fire MAX RP means Ranking Points

Who Gets Grand Master Rank?

Top 300 players Of The Region gets the Grand Master Rank.

Can I Reach Grand Master In One Day?

No, it seems like impossible to reach Grand Master in single day. Because in that tier almost all the players are well experienced and competing with them would be a bit difficult for you.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about How To Reach Grand Master In Garena Free Fire MAX Quickly. If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with

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