BGMI Update Not Showing in Play Store – Why I Didn’t Get BGMI Update 2.7 Download?

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How to Get BGMI 2.7 Update on Google Play Store: Recently, many players have encountered an issue where BGMI Update not showing in the play store. BGMI updates are released periodically on Google Play Store, but sometimes players face difficulties in finding the latest update.

If you didn’t get BGMI 2.7 update or BGMI play store 2.7 update is not showing. Then this article will help you find the reasons behind this problem and provide solutions without violating any rules or regulations. There can be several reasons why the BGMI update is not appearing in the play store.

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Play Store Update Mechanism

Play Store uses an update Mechanism to deliver the update efficiently. When an update is released, it goes through a review process. After the review, the update is gradually rolled out based on various factors such as device compatibility and user location.

It helps developers monitor update performance and issues. So some players might experience a little delay in receiving the update due to their location, device, or other factors mentioned below.

Reasons for BGMI 2.7 Update Not Showing in Play Store

There can be several reasons for not receiving the 2.7 BGMI update, so I will give you the problem and its solutions. Let’s know all the reasons.

  1. Cache Issue
  2. Slow Internet
  3. Not a Beta Tester
  4. Low Storage
  5. System Not updated
  6. Google Releases Update In Phases

These are the common issues for which many players don’t get BGMI, the latest update on Play Store. Let’s have a look at all the solutions one by one:

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How to Get BGMI 2.7 Update on Google Play Store?

If you are facing issues with BGMI update not showing in the play store, then try these troubleshooting to fix the issue:

1. Clear Play Store Cache & App Data

The first thing you need to do is to clear the Play Store cache & app data and relaunch the app.

Step 1: Go to app info of Play Store
Step 2: Navigate to Storage usage
Step 3: Clear Cache and data
Step 4: Go to Play Store > Manage apps & device (You will find that an update of Battlegrounds Mobile India is available)
Step 5: Update and enjoy the game with the latest update.

2. Switch to a Stable Internet

Among Indian players, slow internet is a major issue, so it would be better if you shift to stable internet. There is a simple technique to increase internet speed just put your phone on Airplane Mode for 10 seconds; after that, you might experience a good increase in speed. If this doesn’t work, try restarting your device.

3. Become a Beta Tester

Beta Version is an exclusive release that allows players to test the upcoming features of BGMI. So this could be a better alternative to test the BGMI v2.7 update in early access. If you are not a tester, try to Join BGMI Beta Tester.

4. Free Up Storage

There is a probability that you are not getting updates of BGMI due to less storage, as they have the complete details of your device. So it would be better if you remove some unnecessary files or apps from your phone. Insufficient storage can prevent the Play Store from displaying updates.

5. System Not updated

It looks like a minor issue, and there is nothing to do with the Battlegrounds Mobile India update, but this could be a reason. So update your device to the latest version and then follow other solutions.

6. Google Releases Update In Phases

To deliver the update efficiently, the play store gradually releases the update in phases. If you don’t come in the first phase, you have to wait for the next phase. In this, you can’t do anything from your side. Updates are rolled out based on various factors, such as device compatibility and user location.

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Wrap Up

I’m assuming this article would be helpful for you to get complete information about BGMI Update Not Showing in Play StoreWhy I Didn’t Get BGMI Update 2.7 Download. Please let us know in the comments below if you have any queries or suggestions or want to share anything. For more news and updates, stay tuned to

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