90FPS BGMI: How to Enable 90FPS in BGMI?

How to Enable 90FPS in BGMI: In gaming, FPS plays an important role; the higher the FPS better the gameplay will become, and you can enable 90FPS in BGMI and enjoy the game at the highest FPS. When UHD or 90 FPS is enabled in BGMI, it becomes easier to find opponents. If your device support 90FPS BGMI then follow this tutorial to get 90FPS in BGMI.

Note: Never download BGMI 90 FPS config file.

List of All Brands Phone That Supports 90FPS in BGMI

How to Enable 90FPS in BGMI?

Step 1: Click on the Up arrow (Bottom right corner) > Settings

Step 1: Click on the Up arrow (Bottom right corner) > Settings

Step 2: Tap on 90FPS under frame rate settings

Step 2: Tap on 90FPS under frame rate settings

Step 3: The 90FPS in BGMI will be enabled on your device.

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Is BGMI 90 FPS Available on All Devices?

No, BGMI 90 FPS isn’t available for all devices.

Will 90 FPS Consume More Battery?

Yes, playing BGMI at higher FPS will consume more battery and heating issues.

Can I Enable 90 FPS On a Budget Device?

No, you might not be able to enable 90 FPS on a budget device because their specs are limited.

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Wrap Up

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