How To Increase F/D Ratio In BGMI? (What Is f/d Ratio In BGMI Full Form?)

This is the step-by-step guide on How To Increase F/D Ratio In BGMI? (What Is f/d Ratio In BGMI Full Form?). F/D ratio is the measurement by which we can assume someone’s performance. If it is high, it means that the player is very good at finishes. But it is hard to achieve a good amount of F/D Ratio, so this article will guide you in improving finishes so that your f/d ratio is maintained.

How To Calculate F/D Ratio In BGMI?

The formula to calculate F/D Ratio in BGMI is Total Finishes/Total Match Played in a particular mode. Before F/D was known as K/D and the formula to calculate K/D Ratio in PUBG is Total Kills/Total Deaths in a particular mode.

If you have played a total of 10 Matches and secured 2 finishes in every match, then your F/D ratio will be 2. If you are getting more, your F/D will increase more.

F/D Ratio = Total Finishes/Total Match Played

K/D Ratio = Total Kills/Total Deaths

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How To Increase F/D Ratio In BGMI?

Here are some of the widely used techniques by pro players to improve F/D in Battlegrounds Mobile India. All techniques might not suit you, but some of them will be useful.

1. Stable Internet Connection

A Stable Internet connection is the first and most important thing before you begin the game. If your internet is causing fluctuations then there will be high fluctuation in ping due to which the game will lag in the middle of the match.

So my recommendation is to get a Wi-Fi or upgrade to a faster internet connection, then close all the background running apps and allow priority to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

2. Weapon Combination

The weapon combination is a tough task for every BGMI player and almost everyone gets confused about which is the best weapon according to the ongoing situation. For long-range Snipers are the best, for medium-range Assault Rifles are superior and for close combat, shotguns are just amazing.

But the selection would be much better if you have good knowledge of weapons power. You can have a look at these two guides to get a complete guide of BGMI best weapons.

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3. Improve Skills

You can’t become a good player without practice, so practice every day and improve your skills. For improving BGMI skills, you can practice in Arena and Arcade mode. For good gaming skills and an ideal Sensitivity Settings is also mandatory.

4. Good Device Selection

BGMI is capable to run even on low-end devices, but for better gameplay selection of a good device is essential. So I advise you to get a phone with high RAM and a good processor. If you are confused about which phone would be the best, then go for ROG Phones or iPhones & iPads.

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5. Skilled Players Squad

For solo, there is no need for extra players, but for the team a squad of skilled players is mandatory. So find the best players in your contacts.

Playing with random won’t be that much useful as it will lack communication skills.

6. Realtime Strategy

In Battle Royale Games like BGMI real-time strategy is very much essential. It is because you don’t know how the opponent is going to attack. So you have to build your own strategy in real-time for both the attack and defend.

7. Keep an Eye On Air Drops

Air Drops are the most greedy item in Battlegrounds Mobile India, and almost every player goes for it because it contains powerful weapons and useful items. So you can pick a sniper and always keep an eye on it from long distances.

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What Is F/D Full Form In BGMI?

F/D full form in BGMI is Finished/Defeat Ratio.

How To Calculate F/D In BGMI?

A simple formula to calculate F/D is F/D Ratio = Total Finishes/Total Match Played.

Why K/D Is Changed Into F/D In BGMI?

Kill sounds like violence, and Krafton says this is done to make sure that the game doesn’t promote violence. In Battlegrounds Mobile India along with K/D into F/D the color of blood is also changed to green instead of red.

How To Maintain KD In BGMI?

The simplest way to maintain KD in BGMI is practice. You can play TDM, Practice in Training Ground, gain weapons knowledge, improve skills and focus on better aim.

These are some of the proven techniques that you can follow to increase the F/D ratio in BGMI. Many popular eSports players use these tips to get chicken dinner and maximum finishes in every match.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about How To Increase F/D Ratio In BGMI? (What Is f/d Ratio In BGMI Full Form?). If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with

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