How To Get BOOYAH! In Free Fire MAX Ranked Mode?

This is the complete guide on How to Get BOOYAH In Free Fire MAX Ranked Mode with minimum efforts quickly. I will be sharing the quick techniques that every pro players uses to get victory in ff max in almost every match. I’m not sure whether you will get booyah or not, but these techniques will help you in a way that if you are also tired of getting eliminated, the probability of victory will increase.

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How To Get BOOYAH! In Free Fire MAX Ranked Mode?

How To Get BOOYAH! In Free Fire MAX (FF MAX)?

Here are some of the best techniques to get victory in Garena Free Fire MAX:

1. Best Sensitivity Settings

Almost every Free Fire MAX Players continue with the default sensitivity settings, which isn’t ideal for every player and every device. So depending upon your skill and device it is advised to used customized sensitivity settings for a better performance.

Copying someone’s else settings might not be a good idea, so try creating your own settings depending upon previous matches.

2. Best Character Selection

As you know, FF MAX characters has their own unique abilities which are very much useful in eliminating opponents quickly with minimum efforts, whereas some characters are also used as a defensive weapon, so selection of the best characters depending upon your skills are very important.

So choose the best characters in free fire max to improve your gameplay experience. Most of the characters comes at a price, but there are some alternative methods to unlock ff max characters without diamonds.

3. Don’t Rush & Play Safe

When you are unable to spot the enemy or have no idea if someone is taking a strong cover, then it is highly advisable to play safely and don’t rush without preparation. My recommendation is first analyze the location, then take further steps.

4. Stick To The Teammates

For victory, a proper teammate is always necessary, so make your own team with the players whom you know. Playing with random won’t help you to get higher rank because when you are stuck in trouble there is less probability that any random player will come to revive you by risking their lives.

5. Best Weapon Selection

There are a variety of weapons available in the game and each of them have different range, damage, magazine capacity, etc. That’s why it is highly recommended making your best weapon selection and pick only the best weapons available to you.

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