BGMI Full Form List (UC, RP, BP, OP, MVP, AG) Every BGMI Player Must Know

In this article, we will take a look at the BGMI Full Form PUBG List, which is commonly used in the game and by the players. Currently, Battlegrounds Mobile India is the trending game on the Google Play Store with over 10Million downloads. But to make the game simpler, some various abbreviations have been used in the game. Abbreviations are used in the game to pass messages faster than normal words.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Full Form List

BGMI Full Form List

Here is the complete list of Abbreviations commonly used in the Battlegrounds Mobile India along with its full form.

AbbreviationsFull Form
BGMIBattlegrounds Mobile India
F/DFinished/Defeat Ratio
UCUnknown Cash
RPRoyale Pass
BPBattle Points
AGAce Gold
FPPFirst Person Perspective
TPPThird Person Perspective
HPHealth Points
OPOver Powered
MVPMost Valuable Player
ADSAim Down Sights
BTCBorn To Clutch
AFMAway From Mobile
AFKAway From Keyboard
IGNIn-Game Name
IGLIn-Game Leader
GGGood Game


What Is The Full Form Of BGMI?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the full form of BGMI game.

Who Is The Goat Of BGMI?

Scout is the goat of BGMI.

Full Form Of MVP In PUBG/BGMI?

Most Valuable Player is the full form of MVP in PUBG/BGMI.

UC Full Form In BGMI/PUBG?

Unknown Cash is the full form of UC in BGMI/PUBG. UC is the in-game currency purchased from real cash.

What Is BGMI Full Name?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the full name of BGMI game.

What Does BP Mean In BGMI?

In BGMI BP means Battle Points, it is a free in-game currency of BGMI earned by playing matches.

RP Full Form In PUBG/BGMI?

Royale Pass is the full form of RP in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

AG Full Form In PUBG/BGMI?

Ace Gold is the full form of AG in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

OP Full Form In BGMI/PUBG?

Overpowered is the full form of OP in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

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I hope these slangs would be useful for you to learn some of the important BGMI Terms used in the game. In the future, this list may update so it would be better if you save this page in bookmark.

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