Free Fire MAX Rank List (Bronze To Grandmaster)

This is the complete guide to Free Fire MAX Ranking System, where I will be sharing the complete details from Bronze to Heroic and Grandmaster. The major focus is on FF MAX Tier Rank, Tier Rewards and the Rank Points required to reach at that tier level quickly along with some other useful details about free fire max ranking system.

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Free Fire MAX Rank (Bronze To Grandmaster)

Here are the complete table of free fire max rank list along with rewards and rank points:

Tier (Rank)Rank RewardsRank Points
Bronze11000 Gold Coins1000
Bronze21000 Gold Coins1050
Bronze31000 Gold Coins1150
Silver11500 Gold Coins1250
Silver21500 Gold Coins1350
Silver31500 Gold Coins1450
Gold12000 Gold Coins1550
Gold22000 Gold Coins1663
Gold32000 Gold Coins1788
Gold42000 Gold Coins1913
Platinum12500 Gold Coins2038
Platinum22500 Gold Coins2163
Platinum32500 Gold Coins2288
Platinum42500 Gold Coins2413
Diamond13000 Gold Coins2538
Diamond23000 Gold Coins2675
Diamond33000 Gold Coins2825
Diamond43000 Gold Coins2975
Heroic5000 Gold Coins + Season Heroic Avatar3125
Grand MasterGrandmaster Avatar (60 Days) + Grandmaster Banner (60 Days)TOP 300 Of The Region

There are two ranked modes in Free Fire MAX Ranked Battle Royale Mode and Ranked Clash Squad Mode. It can be unlocked by reaching level 8 and level 12 respectively. By reaching at that level, you can grab the free tier rewards.

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Free Fire MAX Rank Reset

With the beginning of a new season, the tier reset of every player and their current tier replaced with a lower tier, so that player can rank push to reach at top of the leaderboard. Here is a quick table of tier reset:

Current TierS24 Tier
HeroicGold II
Diamond (I to IV)Gold I
Platinum (I to IV)Silver II
Gold (I to IV)Silver I
Silver (I to III)Bronze II
Bronze (I to III)Bronze I


How Many Total Tiers Are There In FF MAX?

There are total of 7 tiers in FF MAX, some tiers have divisions whereas some are without division.

What Comes After Grand Master?

Grand Master is the last title that you can achieve in Free Fire MAX.

How To Get Grand Master In Free Fire MAX?

In order to get Grand Master title in Free Fire MAX, you have to become the top 300 players of the region.

What Is The Highest Rank In Free Fire?

Grandmaster is the highest rank in Free Fire, which is given to the top 300 players of a region.

How To Reach Grand Master In Free Fire MAX Quickly?

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