How to Get PUBG Invitation Code v3.2?

PUBG Invitation Code Tutorial: PUBG Mobile releases new updates every 2 months, and to test the new features, PUBG Mobile often releases a beta version to get feedback about the new features and improve the game in the final version. But to access the beta version, you will need a 10-digit secret invitation code (only for 20,000 users). Here is the complete tutorial to get the PUBG Mobile Invitation Code.

Requirements to Get PUBG Invitation Code

Requirements are straightforward, and any player can easily fulfill the requirements. The criteria to get Invitation Code PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta are:

  • Play any mode for the last 5 days
  • Account level must be 15+
  • Account must be 1 week old
  • Spend 1-2hr in the game

PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update Release Date

How to Get PUBG Invitation Code v3.2?

Follow the below steps to get the PUBG Beta Invitation Code for v3.2. In case of any error, try connecting with a VPN.

Step 1: Log in to the game > Go to events

Go to events > Recommended > Beta Test Invitation

Step 2: Navigate to Recommended > Beta Test Invitation > Tap on the Get It banner

Step 2: Navigate to Recommended > Beta Test Invitation > Tap on Get It banner

Step 3: In the Binding Code section, tap on Generate Code

Step 3: In the Binding Code section tap on Generate Code

Step 4: Copy the latest PUBG Beta Invitation Code 2024

Step 4: Copy the latest PUBG Beta Invitation Code

Step 5: Download the PUBG Test Server

Step 5: Download PUBG Beta Test Server

Note: Do not share your exclusive link code with anyone else, because it is linked to your main account and if any violations and cheats are made on the test server your account will be penalized.

How to Use PUBG Invitation Code v3.2?

Step 1: Download & Install the Test Server > Login as Guest

Step 1: Download PUBG Mobile Beta > Login as Guest

Step 2: Enter the 10-digit Invitation Code that you got in the above steps
Step 3: Click OK to Continue

Step 2: Paste the 10 digit Invitation Code > Click Ok

Step 4: The Beta Test will be activated for you

In case of a parsing error, users should re-install the file or download the resource pack with a VPN.

Disclaimer: Since PUBG Mobile is currently banned in India, players from the country are strictly advised not to install or download the game on their devices.

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What is the PUBG Mobile Invitation Code?

PUBG Mobile Invitation Code is a 10-digit secret code offered by the game for limited users (20,000) to test the upcoming features before it is released for all users.

Why is the Invitation Code Only for 20,000 Users?

The invitation code is allowed for limited users to prevent server issues from overloading.

Can Someone Use Others Invitation Code?

No, you can’t use others’ code because it is prohibited. If you are getting caught, your main account might be banned because they are linked.

One Invitation Code Can Be Used In How Many Accounts?

One Invitation code can be used in only one account; if you try to use it in another, it won’t work.

Can I Find the PUBG Invitation Code List?

No, you can’t find the PUBG Invitation Code list because it is a secret code.

Does PUBG Invitation Code Generator Work?

No, the PUBG Invitation Code Generator doesn’t work, and those tools are a waste of time.

Wrap Up

By releasing a test version it helps the game developers to easily identify the bugs and glitches and get it fixed before the update. I’m assuming this article would be helpful for you to get complete information about How To Use PUBG Mobile Beta Invitation Code v3.2. For more news and updates, stay tuned to