Bonus RP Points: Get Free RP Points In BGMI For Royals Pass

A new event in BGMI called Bonus RP Points has arrived on September 10, 2021, and this is going to end on 20 September 2021. During this event, you have to complete the given mission and rack up extra RP Points for the next Royale Pass.

Like all the other Battlegrounds Mobile Events missions are not going to refresh every day, all the missions that you have to complete are already mentioned in the game. So in these 10 days, you have to complete 8 missions and grab free RP Points for the BGMI M3 Royale Pass free.

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BGMI Bonus RP Points Event Rules

  1. Participate in the Bonus RP Points event to get points for the next Royale Pass in advance.
  2. Get basic RP Points to start the event, and complete event missions to get Bonus Coins to get extra RP Points.
  3. The RP Points can only be collected in the new Royale Pass.
  4. During the event, the uncollected RP Points will be issued via mail. Remember to check your mail.

BGMI Bonus RP Points Get Free RP Points In BGMI and Collect Free Bonus Coin?

Step 1: Click on Bonus RP Points Banner

Step 1: Click on Bonus RP Points Banner

Step 2: Tap on Get For Free

Collect basic RP points to unlock Bonus Points, and Get up to 50x RP Points when getting a Bonus!

Step 2: Tap on Get For Free

Step 3: Click Ok to Collect 20 basic RP Points

Step 3: Click Ok to Collect 20 basic RP Points

Now complete all the below-mentioned missions to get free Bonus Coins and you will be getting Bonus Points x Total bonus multiplier = final points.

Complete Given Missions
Collect Free RP Points

BGMI Bonus RP Points Mission For M9 Royale Pass

MissionBonus Coin
Deal a total of 300 damage in Classic modex1
Restore 200 Health in Classic modex1
Complete 3 matches with friends in Classic modex1
Give 6 LIKEs to your teammates at the end of matchesx1
Finish 10 enemies with M416 in Classic modex1
Pick up 8x Scope in 2 matches in Classic modex1
Open 3 Air Drops in Classic modex1
Purchase 60 UCx1

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I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about Bonus RP Points: Get Free RP Points In BGMI For Royals Pass. If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with

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  1. Hi,
    Man liest oben immer der hat 44,1 x rp der andere 48,4x rp,
    Ich bin bisher immer nicht über 8x rp gekommen,
    Was mache ich falsch.
    Habe immer 9 Marken, 8 Missionen plus bonusmarke…