BGMI Material: How to Get Material in BGMI?

BGMI Free Material: In BGMI, Material is a valuable item that helps us upgrade game weapons and unlock new its new abilities. But it is not that easy to get material in Battlegrounds Mobile India. In this guide, you will find the easiest ways to get material.

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BGMI Material: How To Get Material In BGMI?

BGMI Material: How to Get Material in BGMI?

Here are four possible ways by which you can gain BGMI material, and all these procedures are 100% legal as well as safe to use.

1. Open Crate

Crate opening is the easiest way to get BGMI material at less UC. In the crate, the chances of getting material are too high, and you can easily get them. It cost 60 UC for 1 Crate and 540 UC for 10 Crates. The probability of getting material in crate opening is too high in comparison to other methods.

No of SpinNo of UC
1 Crate60 UC
10 Crate540 UC

2. Unlock Upgraded Weapons Again

This is another great way to get Materials for unlocking already unlocked weapons. Suppose you already own M416 Glacier and again try to unlock M416 Glacier again, then the next time you get M416 Glacier in spin, it will be converted into material. It is valid for all other weapons.

I recommend you try unlocking AR instead of SMG and Sniper because you get extra material for unlocking ARs. Here is a quick list that will help you a lot:

  1. If you get AR 2 times, you will get 3 free materials in BGMI
  2. If you unlock SMG multiple times, you will get 1 free material
  3. If you get sniper 2 times, you will get 2 BGMI materials for free

3. Lucky Spin

When any exclusive skin is added in Lucky Spin you might need to spend a lot of UC to get it. In Lucky Spin, the probability of getting material is very low, and you are going to spend too much UC to get sufficient material & paint. The pricing of lucky spin is as follows:

No of SpinNo of UC
1 Spin10 UC (1st Spin Of The Day)
1 Spin60 UC
10 Spin540 UC

If you are not in a hurry, my recommendation is to spin once every day because it cost you only 10 UC. But if you don’t have UC, try to unlock upgraded weapons multiple times in the classic crate, as it can be unlocked with Classic Crate Coupon scrap.

4. Collect from Elite Pass

In the A1 Royale pass, a new item, “Modification Material Piece,” is added, you can combine 10 Modification Material Piece, and it will make one Material. So you can upgrade the royale pass and collect Modification Material Piece to make a material.

BGMI Royale Pass Rewards 1 to 100


Is There a Limit on The Amount of Material I Can Collect Each Day?

No, there is no limit on the amount of material you can collect each day.

Is There Any Difference Between Skin and Non-Skin Weapons in BGMI?

In BGMI, there is no difference between skin and non-skin weapons. Only their designs look beautiful, but their specifications are the same. It is only used for decoration purposes such as finish effect, loot crate, etc.

Can I Send BGMI Material to a Friend?

No, you can’t send BGMI material to a friend.

Wrap Up

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