BGMI A7 Royale Pass Rewards 1 to 100

BGMI A4 RP RewardsBattlegrounds Mobile India releases a new royale pass after every 2 months, where lots of free and premium rewards are given. The latest royale pass A7 is filled with new rewards and unique challenges. In this article, you will find A7 RP rewards from 1 to 100 levels, and for Elite Pass users, some extra rewards are unlocked. A7 Royale Pass is of 100 levels; as players progress through the levels by earning RP points, it unlocks all the rewards.

BGMI Royale Pass Release Date (BGMI New Royale Pass Date 2024)

BGMI A7 Royale Pass Rewards

  • RP 1: Bio Scout Set & Bio Scout Cover
  • RP 10: Nightscape Gladiator Levitron & Nightscape Gladiator Strider
  • RP 15: Scheming Emote and Precision Cover Plane Finish
  • RP 20: Big Scout Helmet
  • RP 25: Cosmic Jump Parachute
  • RP 30: Phono Tempo – Vector and Graceful Watcher Emote
  • RP 40: Graceful Watcher Set and Cover
  • RP 50: Nightscape Gladiator – PP-19 Bizon
  • RP 55: Getting Plumped Emote and Phono Tempo – MK47
  • RP 60: Pulsebox Backpack
  • RP 65: RP Avatar (A7) and Armored Mutant Ornament
  • RP 70: Techwalker Set and Precision Carver – G36C
  • RP 80: Techwalker – UZI and Digiwaste Smoke Grenade & Nightscape Gladiator Emote
  • RP 90: Phono Tempo – M24
  • RP100: Nightscape Gladiator Set

How to Buy BGMI Royale Pass?

Here is a quick video in which you can view all the BGMI A7 Royale Pass 1 to 100 Rewards.


What is BGMI A7 Royale Pass Release Date?

BGMI A7 Royale Pass release date is 10 June 2024.

Are The Rewards In The A7 Royale Pass permanent?

Yes, rewards unlocked in the A7 Royale Pass are permanent.

Can I Obtain Free Rewards In The A7 Royale Pass?

Yes, you can obtain free rewards in the A7 Royale Pass.

How To Unlock BGMI Royale Pass Rewards?

Players can unlock BGMI Royale pass rewards by earning RP points and leveling up the Royale pass.

How to Delete BGMI Account Permanently?

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