How To Land Fast In BGMI [Battlegrounds Mobile India]?

This is the complete guide on How To Land Fast In BGMI with some proven tips and tricks, that are used by most of the pro players to reach their desired destination before their opponents. In some locations (Pochinki, Georgopol) in BGMI it is a fact that if you are reaching first there is a higher chance of getting more finishes than opponents.

It is very difficult especially for a new player to land faster than their opponents and grabs maximum loot in a short time to finish the enemies. Stick to the end of this page, and you will be able to know all the best techniques.

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How To Land Fast In BGMI?

These are the proven techniques that you need to follow in order to land faster in BGMI and reach your desired destination before the enemy arrives.

1. Mark Landing Location On The Map

Many players have multiple favorite drop locations on every map, and they play with their pro techniques. Remember, your drop location plays an important role in the victory. So mark the location to identify the plane route and jump when it reaches near the marked location.

2. Straight View Angle

If you have already marked the location on the map, now keep the face view straight to the plane and the marked location. By doing this, you are decreasing the level of confusion in finding the marked location at the time of the jump.

For your easy understanding, here is a YouTube video by Zendex in which you will find a detailed guide on fast landing in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

3. Open Parachute

It is necessary to know what is the right time to open a parachute. If the distance from the marked location is near the plane route, then open the parachute only when you are about to reach or rely on the automatic opening.

But if the location is far from the plane route, then open the parachute just after the jump and move slowly in that direction by keeping the face view up and move in that direction.

4. Pick Nearest Location

Picking the nearest location is one of the best ways to land faster in Battlegrounds Mobile India. So mark those locations which are below the plane route and jump when the plane reaches that location. But make sure you are following the above techniques.

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