BGMI Replay: How To Enable Death Replay In BGMI?

This is the step-by-step tutorial on How To Enable Death Replay In BGMI. There are some situations when you need to watch the Death Replay In BGMI that how you were finished. Was it a trick, or it was natural because there are lots of cheaters in the game who applies different kinds of tricks to win the game?

There are some situations when watching a replay becomes compulsory because the shot we receive doesn’t look natural. But with the help of Death Replay, we can discover how was I knocked out. By this feature we can also find out cheaters and report it to the game developer.

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Note: The Death Replay feature can only be used in Classic mode and Arcade mode. After activating this feature, there may be some lag or overheating.

How To Enable Death Replay In BGMI?

Step 1: Click on the Up arrow (Bottom right corner) > Settings

Step 1: Click on the Up arrow (Bottom right corner) > Settings

Step 2: In Basic settings, enable Death Replay

Step 2: In Basic settings turn on Death Replay

How To Watch Death Replay In BGMI?

Step 1: Start a match in Classic or Arcade mode
Step 2: When you are finished by someone, click on Death Replay option near spectate

Click On Death Replay option near Spectate Opponent

Step 3: The replay of your shot will be played from the opponents perspective


Step 4: The replay will be of around 24 seconds, in the replay you will see the weapon used by the opponent, their KD, Match Played, Distance, Damage (Your & Opponent).

Note: To reduce battery consumption, the replay will be slightly different from the actual match.

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