PUBG Silvanus X-Suit Release Date, Rewards, & Free Character Voucher

PUBG Mobile Silvanus X-Suit: To keep players engaged, PUBG Mobile keeps bringing new updates and features to the game. The new X-Suit is one of the most popular items in the game that many players like to unlock and keep in inventory. In this article, you will find complete details about Silvanus X-Suit Release date, rewards, free character voucher & more.

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In PUBG Mobile, X-SUIT is a precious outfit. It can be obtained only during the event, and once it is over, you can’t purchase it. Every X-Suit in PUBG Mobile comes with a 6 level which is also known as 6-star, and with every level, a new feature unlocks.

Whenever a new X-Suit is released, it comes with lots of events, and during the events, players have the chance to get lots of useful items at no cost because it allows spin using UC as well as silver. The chance of getting useful items with silver is rare, and you also get a limited chance, so you have to do it with safety.

BGMI/PUBG SILVANUS X-SUIT Release Date, Rewards, Events, Free Character Voucher, and First Look Trailer

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PUBG Mobile Silvanus X-Suit Story

Due to mass deforestation, volcanic eruptions, and flooding, deserts formed and began to spread. When the natural ecology began to show signs of deterioration, Silvanus was born in the wilderness

He combatted the desertification of the land by doing the smallest of things, such as protecting seedlings, protecting the cubs of beasts, cleaning up silted silvers, and greening the land. Over time, the land was revitalized. The creatures of the forest voluntarily became Silvanus’ followers and offered him a bejeweled jade crown.

When his life came to an end, he forged the Silvanus Armor out of the fibers of his being and summoned warriors from around the world. These warriors would be tested by endless challenges and trials after entering the forest, and the noblest and most capable of them would be selected.

The finest of them all would inherit and assume Silvanus’ mantle. Silvanus and his predecessors have guarded nature dutifully from generation to generation up till now.

NameSilvanus X-Suit
Release Date15 April 2022
Price≈ 100K UC/Silver
ThemeForest & Deforestation

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1-Star: Basic Appearance

The basic appearance looks very simple with white clothes and some green textures. Like all the other X-SUIT, it is very simple at 1-Star. But after upgrading, it looks better in comparison to the other X-Suit in the game.

2-Star: Teammate Interaction

By upgrading to level 2 or 2-Star, you get a teammate interaction feature, and when a teammate joins, an emote is played in which your teammates wear a mask. To unlock 2-Star, it requires 3 Starforge Stone and 100 Star Fragments.

3-Star: Advanced Form

At level 3, the dressing style is a little bit improved as compared to level-1. By upgrading to 3-star, your character gets gloves, and the cloth size is also increased. To unlock 3-Star, it requires 5 Starforge Stone and 160 Star Fragments.

4-Star: Victory Broadcast

The finish message or victory broadcast of Silvanus X-Suit is a little bit similar to Poseidon X-Suit. But it comes with a different theme, and it looks better as compared to the other. The Victory Broadcast unlocks by upgrading to 4-Star. To unlock 4-Star, it requires 7 Starforge Stone and 230 Star Fragments.

5-Star: Shock and Awe

It is one of the best upgrade in this X-Suit; at 5-Star, you get Shock and Awe Entry Emote and Spawn Island Exclusive. Entry emote is played when you join the teammates, and Spawn Island Exclusive can be done manually. Both these look fantastic in green color with a dragon around the character. To unlock 5-Star, it requires 9 Starforge Stone and 310 Star Fragments.

6-Star: Final Form

The final form looks amazing with a crown, and the size of the cloth is also increased with some shining items on it; it feels like the character is the king of the forest. To unlock 6-Star, it requires 15 Starforge Stone and 500 Star Fragments.

For a better understanding of the Silvanus X-Suit graphics, here is a detailed video that will help you experience it properly.

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How To Get Silvanus X-Suit In PUBG Mobile?

Step 1: Log in to the game
Step 2: Click on Workshop > X-SUIT
Step 3: Tap on obtain
Step 4: Start spinning with Silver/UC
Step 5: In Lucky Spin, you can get the Silvanus X-Suit for free with Silver

Note: As you know, it is a lucky spin, so it might be difficult for you to get Silvanus X-Suit for free with silver. It is because the min cost of every X-Suit is too high, and very rarely, someone got it with silver for free. But it would be best if you tried your luck with free silver.

PUBG Silvanus X-Suit Trailer


What is The Price Of Silvanus X-Suit?

The expected price of the Silvanus X-Suit is approximately 100K UC. But it is not fixed because it arrives in a lucky spin, so you might get this even within 1 spin or not even in 10 spins.

What is Silvanus X-Suit Release Date?

Silvanus X-Suit release date is April 15, 2022.

Can I Get Free Character Voucher In Silvanus X-Suit Event?

Yes, you can get a free character voucher in the Silvanus X-Suit event by completing the given missions for free, which can be used to unlock characters without spending UC. It is expected that there will be 4-5 events in which character vouchers can be redeemed for free by completing given missions.

Can I Get Silvanus X-Suit Emote For Free?

Yes, but the chance of getting Silvanus X-Suit emote for free is very difficult because it is a costly item, and you will need lots of UC. But it can also be unlocked with silver for free.

What Is The Meaning Of Silvanus?

Silvanus is the god of forests and uncultivated land, who was later worshiped as the protector of the house, herds, and the boundaries of the farm.

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