BGMI/PUBG SILVANUS X-SUIT Release Date, Rewards, Events, Free Character Voucher, and First Look Trailer

BGMI/PUBG SILVANUS X-SUIT Release Date: After the BGMI & PUBG Mobile 1.9 update, a brand new X-SUIT is coming into the game on April 15, 2022. The X-SUIT is fully based on forest and deforestation. Till now Krafton has released four X-SUIT and with all those X-SUIT lots of rewards and events arrived in the game that helps players to grab free rewards.

In this article we have shared everything about the SILVANUS X-SUIT Release Date, Rewards, Events, Free Character Voucher. The trailer and all the other items related to this new X-SUIT is released on the official sources, and it will appear in the game on 15 April 2022.

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Release DateApril 15, 2022
Price≈ 100K UC/Silver
ThemeForest & Deforestation
AvailabilityBGMI & PUBG
BGMI/PUBG SILVANUS X-SUIT Release Date, Rewards, Events, Free Character Voucher, and First Look Trailer


X-SUIT is a rare outfit available in BGMI & PUBG Mobile. It can be obtained only during their events and once it is over you can’t purchase it in any way. Every X-Suit in BGMI and PUBG Mobile comes with a 6 level which is also known as 6-star, and with every level a new item arrives in the game.

Every X-Suit comes with variety of events and during the events players have the chance to get some other exclusive items too at no cost because it allows us to spin using UC as well as silver. The chance of getting useful items with silver is rare, and you also get limited chance, so you have to do it with safety.

1-Star: Basic Appearance

The basic appearance looks very simple with white clothes and some green textures. Like all the other X-SUIT, it is very simple at 1-Star. But in the upgrades it becomes looks much better in comparison to all the other X-Suit released in the game till now. Here is the picture of SILVANUS X-SUIT 1-Star Basic Appearance.

2-Star: Teammate Interaction

The level 2 of Silvanus X-Suit which is teammate interaction also looks very simple and by upgrading this to 2-Star you will be able to do this emotes with teammate in the lobby.

3-Star: Advanced Form

As compared to all the previous four X-suits, the level 3 of Silvanus is not that much better, because only a few things have been added in its decoration at Level 3. At 3-Star, your character will get gloves, and the size of clothes is increased a little bit.

4-Star: Victory Broadcast

The Kill/Finish message of SILVANUS X-SUIT is very similar to Poseidon X-Suit. But this one comes with different theme, and it looks better as compared to the all the previously released X-SUIT in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. You can get this the Victory Broadcast by upgrading it to Level 4/4-Star.

5-Star: Shock and Awe

Shock and Awe is the unique thing for which you much get this X-Suit and upgrade it to level 4 that is its Shock and Awe animation. When it enters the lobby, it looks fantastic in the green color with a dragon around the character.

6-Star: Final Form

The final form is just amazing, it seems like the character is the king of the forest, and he is angry with the cutting of forest and trees. It looks fantastic with crown, face cover and fully upgraded suit with a unique shock and awe animation.

If you want detailed information about the SILVANUS X-SUIT, please watch this below video for better understanding because it is not possible to show those things in the form of images and text.

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Step 1: Login to the game
Step 2: Click on Workshop > X-SUIT
Step 3: Tap on Obtain
Step 4: Start spin with Silver/UC
Step 5: In Lucky spin, you can get the SILVANUS X-SUIT for free with Silver

Note: As you know, it is a lucky spin, so it might be difficult for you to get SILVANUS X-SUIT for free with silver. It is because the min cost of every X-Suit is too high and very rarely someone got it with silver for free. But you must try your luck with free silver.


A short trailer of SILVANUS X-SUIT has been released where everything about it has been displayed. The trailer is awesome, like all the other previously released. For your comfort here, I have embedded its trailer.

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What Is The Price Of SILVANUS X-SUIT?

The expected price of SILVANUS X-SUIT is approximately 100K UC. But it is not fixed because it arrives in lucky spin, so you might get this even with in 1 spin or not even in 10 spin.

What Is SILVANUS X-SUIT Release Date?

SILVANUS X-SUIT release date is April 15, 2022.

Can I Get Free Character Voucher In SILVANUS X-SUIT Event?

Yes, you can get free character voucher in SILVANUS X-SUIT event by completing the given missions for free, which can be used to unlock characters without spending UC. It is expected that there will 4-5 events in which character voucher can be redeemed for free by completing given missions.

Can I Get SILVANUS X-SUIT Emote For Free?

Yes, but the chance of getting SILVANUS X-SUIT emote for free is very difficult, because it is a costly item, and you will need lots of UC. But it can also be unlocked with silver for free.

What Is The Meaning Of Silvanus?

Silvanus is the god of forests and uncultivated land, who was later worshiped, as the protector of the house, herds, and the boundaries of the farm.

What Is BGMI Character Voucher Event Date 2022?

According to the news reports BGMI character voucher event date April 5, 2022.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about BGMI/PUBG SILVANUS X-SUIT Release Date, Rewards, Events, Free Character Voucher, and First Look Trailer. If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with

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