How To Get PUBG Mobile M416 Fool Skin?

PUBG Mobile M416 Fool Skin: PUBG Mobile keeps bringing new items and skins to the game. M416 Fool is one of the most loved skins in PUBG Mobile for its awesome design. It is an upgradable skin, and every level unlocks something special such as Finish Effect, Advanced Form, Finish Message, Final Form, Fool’s Surprise, and Loot Crate. But it arrives in the lucky crate, so you might need a huge amount of UC to unlock it.

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PUBG Mobile M416 Fool Skin Upgrade Level

M416 Fool Skin is upgradeable up to 7 levels, and with every level, new features unlock; M416 fool skin features are:

1Basic Appearance
2Elimination Special Effect252
3Advanced Form403
4Elimination Broadcast554
5Final Form705
6Fool’s Surprise806
7Loot Crate1007

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How To Get PUBG Mobile M416 Fool Skin?

Step 1: Log in to the game > Click on Crate/The Fool – M416 banner

Login to the game > Click on Crate/The Fool - M416 banner

Step 2: Open The Fool crate (1 time = 18UC/10 Times = 540UC)
Step 3: In the lucky spin, The Fool – M416 will appear
Step 4: Go To Research to upgrade the Skin up to Level 7 using paint and material

Open The Fool crate (1 time = 18UC/10 Times = 540UC)

Note: If there is the option to ban items, don’t forget to ban those items which you don’t like to receive in the lucky spin.

If you are not able to receive the M416 fool skin, keep trying your luck in the spins. It is also seen that accounts that rarely open any crate have higher chances of getting it.

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Is M416 Fool Skin Offer In-Game Advantages?

No, M416 fool skin doesn’t offer any in-game advantages, but your skin will look beautiful, the finish message has a special effect, Elimination Broadcast looks impressive, and a lot more.

Will The M416 Fool Skin be Available Again?

The availability of M416 fool skin after the event ends is uncertain. It might reappear in the future, but there is a rare chance of reappearing.

Can I Use M416 Fool Skin in All Modes?

Yes, you can use M416 fool skin in all game modes.

Can I Transfer M416 Fook Skin to Other Account?

No, you can’t transfer M416 fool skin to another account.

Wrap Up

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