How to Upgrade Elite Pass In PUBG Mobile?

How To Buy A5 Royal Pass In PUBG Mobile: In PUBG Mobile, Elite Pass is a premium subscription that allows players to collect rewards and additional perks. By upgrading to Elite Pass, you can unlock extra rewards, skins, coupons, emotes, and more.

If you don’t want to lose the additional rewards and purchase the A5 RP, then here is the step-by-step tutorial to upgrade the PUBG Royale Pass. PUBG Mobile releases a new royale pass after every 2 months, where lots of free and premium rewards are listed. You are eligible to collect free rewards even if you are not upgrading the Elite Pass, but for the locked items, the Elite Pass upgrade is mandatory.

PUBG Mobile A5 Royale Pass Rewards 1 to 100

How to Upgrade Elite Pass In PUBG Mobile?

Step 1: Log in to the game > Click on the RP icon

Login to the game > Click on RP icon

Step 2: Click on Purchase Rank

Click on Purchase Rank

Step 3: Tap on UC under the Royale Pass that you want to purchase

Tap on UC under the Royale Pass that you want to purchase

Step 4: Click OK and confirm the payment through UC

Click Ok and confirm payment through UC

Step 5: You will be upgraded to a premium royale pass after a successful purchase

This is how you can purchase a PUBG royale pass on Android and iOS without any issues. I also follow the same steps to purchase PUBG RP in my account and many other PUBG players too.

PUBG Mobile C6S16 Tier Rewards

Difference Between Elite Pass & Elite Pass Plus

Elite PassElite Pass Plus
Unlock ELITE RewardsInclude All Contents Of Elite Pass
Exclusive PerksExclusive Perks (1 Avatar Frame & Emote)
Unlock ELITE MissionsImmediately Gain 12 Ranks & Rewards
Give Respect 15 Times a WeekGive Respect 30 Times a Week
Get an Extra 200RP Points After Making Your First PurchaseGet an Extra 300RP Points After Making Your First Purchase
Price: 360UCPrice: 960UC

Note: Only one Pass can be purchased at a time. It cannot be changed except during and event.

A5 Royale Pass Price

There are two types of royale pass available in PUBG Mobile, Elite Pass, and Elite Pass Plus. Both have similar features, but there is a difference in the price, and the Elite Pass Plus users get some additional features. The Elite Pass costs 360UC, whereas the Elite Pass Plus costs 960UC.

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Royale Pass Rules

  1. Participate in the Royale Pass for free and complete missions to rank up the Pass for more rewards.
  2. All players will be able to participate for free by claiming their Free Pass at the start of each new Royale Pass.
  3. Points can be obtained from Daily Missions and RP Challenges. Points can be used to upgrade the rank of the RP.
    Note: Unless it is expressly mentioned, RP mission progress cannot be accumulated in some special modes and certain special areas, such as Metro Royale Mode, Infection Mode,
    RageGear, Arcade Mode – War, Flora Menace – Cell Matrix.
  4. As your RP Rank increases, you will be able to claim free rewards, such as Crate Coupon Scraps, Rating Protection Cards, and other in-game items.
  5. Upgrade the Pass to unlock more than 50 items.
  6. Purchase points with UC to upgrade the Pass Rank faster. RP points are used to upgrade the Pass Rank until the Pass reaches Rank 50. After Rank 50, points can be used to redeem rewards.
  7. Upgrade the Pass to redeem rewards. Reach the specified rank to use BP, UC, and RP Points to redeem many great rewards.
  8. RP points remaining at the end of the Royale Pass will expire. Unused RP Upgrade Cards, RP Point Cards, and RP Mission Cards will also expire.


Can I Upgrade the Elite Pass at Any Time During the Season?

No, there is a time limit to upgrade the Elite Pass during the season. If the purchase duration is over, you can’t upgrade the royale pass.

Can I Upgrade From Elite Pass to Elite Pass Plus?

No, you can’t upgrade from Elite Pass to Elite Pass Plus. If you want Elite Pass Plus, you have to purchase it initially.

What Happens If I Upgrade the Elite Pass Late In The Season?

Even if you upgrade the Elite Pass Late in the season, you are still eligible to claim all rewards and benefits from the previous level you have reached.

Can I Transfer My Elite Pass Rewards to Another Player?

No, you can’t transfer Elite Pass or its rewards to another player; you can separately purchase the Elite Pass as a gift and gift it to another player.

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