PUBG Mobile C6S18 Tier Rewards – PUBG Cycle6 Season18 Tier Rewards

PUBG Mobile C6S18 Tier Rewards: After a long wait, PUBG Mobile C6S18 Tier Rewards are available, and in this article, you will learn about the latest tier rewards that have been assigned for your tier rank, and they can be collected for free by reaching that tier. All these rewards will be available in PUBG Mobile and BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India).

Tier Rewards are those free rewards in PUBG that every player gets by reaching that tier. The higher your tier, the better the rewards you can redeem. You get approximately a 2-month time period to reach Conqueror and collect all the tier rewards. But from that list, only a few items are useful, whereas the rest are ordinary, and every player gets it by playing the game at any tier.

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What is PUBG Mobile Tier Reward?

PUBG Mobile Tier Reward is a way to collect free rewards by reaching a specific tier and meeting the requirements. Players can claim various free rewards such as Glass skin, outfits, masks, headgear, avatar, avatar frame, etc. Players can view Reward information on the season page.

Season Rules

  1. Reaching a Tier: When players reach a tier and meet the requirements, the reward for reaching that tier will be given.
  2. Season Results: At the end of a season, players will be rewarded based on their highest tiers reached.
  3. Season Reward: At the end of each season, rewards will be sent based on the players’ highest rank reached during the season. Team Effects will last for an entire season.

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PUBG C6S18 Tier Rewards

Tier RankC6S18
BronzeSupply Crate Coupon
SilverSupply Crate Coupon
GoldC6S18 Set/Outfit
PlatinumC6S18 Glasses
DiamondC6S18 Skin
CrownC6S18 Name Tag, Team-Up Special Effect
AceC6S18 Mask, Name Tag, Title, Team-Up Special Effect
Ace MasterC6S18 Cover, Name Tag, Title, Team-Up Special Effect
Ace DominatorC6S18 Ace Dominator Avatar, Name Tag, Title, Team-Up Special Effect
ConquerorC6S18 Conqueror Avatar Frame, Name Tag, Title, Team-Up Special Effect

These are all the rewards of different PUBG Cycle 6 Season 18 tiers. I have mentioned all the rewards from bottom to top. Now have a look at all the important rewards.

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Wrap Up

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