How to Connect AirTag to iPhone?

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on How to Set Up AirTag to iPhone or Apple ID. This tutorial will guide you through the easiest ways to set up and use AirTag. Apple AirTag is a tracking device to locate items such as keys, bags, or anything else.

Its precision finding feature displays an arrow toward Airtag’s location, making it easier to find in any corner of the room. Various modes and features are available such as location on the map, playing a loud sound, Siri helping to find the location, lost mode, and more.

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How to Connect AirTag to iPhone?

Before moving forward, make sure:

  • Your device is updated with the latest version
  • Two-factor authentication is turned on
  • Find My app & Bluetooth also should be turned on
  • iPhone must be connected to the internet (Wifi or Cellular Data)

How to Connect AirTag to iPhone?

Step 1: Remove the protective film from AirTag
Step 2: Pull the plastic tag from the battery
Step 3: AirTag will play a welcome sound
Step 4: Keep AirTag and Unlocked iPhone next to each other
Step 5: A prompt will appear > Tap on Connect
Step 6: Choose the name for AirTag (it can be changed later) > Continue > Continue

Connect AirTag to iPhone?

The AirTag setup will complete with a chime sound; now attach or put it in what you want to track.

How to Locate Apple AirTag?

Step 1: Open Find My App
Step 2: Go to items > Look for your AirTag on the map
Step 3: The time and place of the last known location will be displayed
Step 4: Tap on the item name
Step 5: If you think items are nearby, tap Play Sound

How to Locate Apple AirTag?

If the item is unavailable near you, tap on Find to get the last known location on the map and follow the arrow to find the item. If you’re unable to track down your item, you can put it in Lost Mode (Swipe Up) in the Find My app to get help recovering it.

When the Lost mode is active, you will be notified when the location of AirTag is in range of your iPhone, or its location will be updated in the Find My app. The best thing is if anybody finds it, they can’t use it for themselves unless you unlink from Apple ID, and they will know how to contact you.

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For your better understanding here is a video tutorial by Apple Support on How to set up and use your AirTag in the easiest ways.

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