PUBG Classic Crate Release Date & Rewards | When Will Classic Crate Come in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Classic Crate Release DatePUBG Mobile has a wide range of outfits and skins available in the game to customize the in-game character. Among all these, Classic Crate holds a special place because of its exciting rewards. In this article, you will find complete details about the Classic Create Release date and rewards.

PUBG Premium Crate Release Date & Rewards

PUBG Supply Crate Release Date & Rewards

CrateClassic Crate
Release Date6 July 2023
End Date5 August 2023
Materials RequiredUC or Classic Crate Coupon
PUBG Mobile Classic Crate Release Date & Rewards – When Will Be New Classic Crate Released In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Classic Crate Release Date

PUBG Classic Crate release date is 6 July 2023, and it will end on 5 August 2023. So start collecting as many Classic Crate Coupons as you can if you don’t want to spend UC.

PUBG Mobile Classic Crate Rewards

  1. Bodybuilder Set
  2. Bodybuilder Headgear
  3. CyberGen: Zero Set
  4. CyberGen: Zero Cover
  5. Armed Hound Set
  6. Armed Hound Head
  7. Rhythm Rider Set
  8. Rhythm Rider Mask
  9. Joyland – Groza
  10. Winner Dinner Helmet
  11. Bento Love Backpack
  12. Frostbolt Agent – VSS
  13. Specs Ops Captain Helmet
  14. Aurum Blast Grenade
  15. Pink Sweetie – DBS
  16. Pink Sweetie Backpack
  17. DJ Crave – SKS
  18. Radiant Ram Backpack
  19. Boom Squad Set
  20. Frostbolt Agent SEt
  21. Pink Sweetie Set
  22. Trendy Bunny Set
  23. Boom Squad Cover
  24. Frostbolt Agent Glasses
  25. Pink Sweetie Cover
  26. Trendy Bunny Cover
  27. Rhythm Rider Headgear
  28. Glacier – M416
  29. Pink & Blue – AKM
  30. Raging Chicken – QBZ
  31. Swordsman – SCAR-L
  32. Dragon’s Wrath – Kar98K
  33. Master of the Land – Kar98K

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Is M416 Available In PUBG Mobile Classic crate?

Yes, this time, M416 Glacier is available in PUBG Classic Crate.

What is PUBG Classic Crate Release Date?

PUBG Classic Crate Release Date is 6 July 2023.

What is PUBG Classic Crate End Date?

PUBG Classic Crate End Date is 5 August 2023.

What is Required To Open Classic Crate?

UC & Classic Crate Coupon is required to open classic crate in PUBG Mobile. If you don’t want to invest money, then go with the free option classic crate coupon.

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