How to Increase RP In PUBG Mobile?

Increase PUBG Mobile RP Quickly: This article will guide you with a step-by-step guide on How To Increase RP In PUBG Mobile. After the 2.6 update, the game releases a new royale pass where we have to complete 100 RP points within the period to collect all the free rewards.

People who don’t play for a long time find it difficult to reach RP in 8 Weeks, but by following this article, you will be able to easily complete 100 RP points before the end of the 8th week. On reaching RP 100, you can collect free skins, outfits, and rewards.

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How To Increase RP In PUBG Mobile?

How to Increase RP In PUBG Mobile?

  1. Daily Missions: Every day, we get 4 missions in the daily mission section, and completing those 4 missions daily, we get 18 RP points weekly. You can also skip tough missions with the help of mission cards, or you can also use the refresh button to change the daily missions that are hard for you.
  2. Weekly Missions: Royale pass duration is of 8 weeks, and every week new missions arrive; for completing every weekly mission, you get 75RP Points & 100 RP Points, which is too much. But if any mission is tough, you can also skip those hard missions using Mission Cards. It requires 1-4 mission cards to skip the weekly missions.
  3. Open Crates: For opening crates (Premium & Classic), you get 5RP points after every spin, and 1RP = 100 RP Points. In order to reach the 100 RP level, you have to open enough crates. So unlock as many Premium & Classic Crates as possible and collect free RP points.
  4. Royale Adventure: Royal Adventure is a type of store in the game where you can exchange items using supplies. So instead of purchasing any other items, you can purchase RP Cards using supplies. A maximum of 5 RP cards can be purchased, and it costs 16 supplies for 1 RP card.
  5. Join RP Team: It becomes hard to reach 100 RP alone, so if you have purchased the elite pass, you can join the RP team and collect mission cards easily, and with the help of those mission cards, you can skip tough missions in no time.

These are the top 5 things that can be followed to reach 100 RP level easily, but if you are playing the game with consistency, you might not find it difficult because all the missions will be easily completed, and you can reach 100 RP in no time.

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