How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Lag Problem?

Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Lag Problem: PUBG Mobile Lite is the lighter version of the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile developed for low-end devices. But some players are facing a common issue of lag which is affecting their gameplay. This guide will help you fix all the PUBG Mobile Lite issues, such as frame rate drops, stuttering, or other lag-related issues, and enhance the gameplay.

In PUBG Mobile Lite, lag means a delay in players’ actions and their responses on the game screen. It can also be stuttering or freezing of slow game performance. There can be various reasons why game lags; some of them are device specifications, slow internet, outdated version, low storage, or background running apps.

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Why PUBG Mobile Lite Lag?

There are many reasons why PUBG Mobile Lite lag. Some common causes are:

  1. Low Storage
  2. Slow Internet
  3. Low-end Device
  4. Outdated Game Version
  5. Background Running Apps

How To Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Lag Problem?

Apply these 6 fixes one by one to fix the PUBG Mobile Lite lag problem:

1. Switch to a Fast Internet

Switch to a Better Internet

It is online gaming and requires a good internet connection, so if your ISP connection is delivering slow speed, you can either change it or upgrade with a high-speed internet connection. For a better experience and to avoid network issues, switching to a faster ISP or Wi-Fi is highly recommended. If your internet speed is not much better, you might face a delay in response.

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2. Close Background Apps

Some background apps may consume lots of resources, and PUBG Mobile Lite also consumes a lot of resources to run the game smoothly. So it is recommended to remove all the background running apps and don’t forget to clear the RAM cache from the minimize section.

3. Clear App Data and Cache

Cache creates a lot of problems, and it is seen that clearing the app data & cache of PUBG Mobile Lite fixes all lag issues. To clear PUBG Mobile Lite app data and cache, go to Settings > Apps > PUBG Mobile Lite > Clear Data & Clear Cache.

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4. Reinstall The Game

If the game installation didn’t go correctly or the developers released a new version, the older version might not work properly. So install the latest version of the game properly. If you have enough internet data, it would be much better if you uninstall and reinstall the app with the latest version.

5. Disable VPN

Disable VPN

In most cases, VPNs reduce the internet speed, and if you are playing PUBG Mobile Lite when VPN is running in the background, it might not work properly. So, first of all, disable the VPN and relaunch PUBG Mobile Lite without VPN, and it will fix the PUBGM Lite lag problem.

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6. Upgrade Device

Device specifications play an important role, so you are recommended to free device storage or upgrade the device with a better spec. If your device storage is full or the specifications are of low-specs, it may not work properly.

Wrap Up

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