Free Fire and Free Fire MAX Removed From Apple App Store (Is Free Fire Banned In India?)

Free Fire and Free Fire Max Unexpectedly Removed from Apple App Store. These two are the Battle Royale games released for mobile devices. Free Fire Max released in 2021 with improved graphics to deliver better gaming experience.

Recently, both the games have been removed from the Apple App Store, whereas there is no any exact information why these games have been removed. Players who already have installed the game on their phone are playing the game facing issues with the login.

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Free Fire and Free Fire MAX Removed From Apple App Store

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If you’re searching for the game with its name, you will not find any result in the App Store. This looks very confusing because there is no any official announcement from garena about the removal of the game.

Free Fire Not Available In Apple App Store

People who have installed the game on iPhone/iPad were facing issue in accessing the game, so they reported it through social media handles. After that, Garena Asked players to share their Network Provider name but didn’t say about app removal. They said that:

We’re aware about the issue and getting it investigated. In the meantime, please share your Network Provider name and also if you’re using mobile data or Wi-Fi to launch the game.

Free Fire Reply About Login Issue In iOS

If you are also an iOS player, then our advice is to not get panic and wait for further update from officials. Recently PUBG parent company filed case against these two games so that can also be the reason for removal, but there is no any exact information about it.

Some people are spreading rumours that Free Fire Banned In India. But for now there is any official announcement, and the both the game will be restored very soon.