How to Unlock iPhone With Voice Control?

Here is the complete guide on How to Unlock iPhone With Voice Control? The latest iOS version has an accessibility feature to control Apple iPhone with our voice. Follow this guide, and you can easily set up iPhone voice control to unlock your phone, and this tutorial is also valid for iPad.

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How to Unlock iPhone With Voice Control

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How to Unlock iPhone With Voice Control?

Step 1: Open the Settings app
Step 2: Go to Accessibility
Step 3: In the “Physical and Motor” section, tap on Voice Control
Step 4: Turn on Voice Control > Click Learn More > Continue
Step 5: Choose your preferred language
Step 6: Click on Customise Commands > Custom/Create New Command
Step 7: Enter the phrase using which you want to unlock iPhone > Action
Step 8: Tap on Run Custom Gesture
Step 9: Tap on the locations where your passcodes number are available
Step 10: You can lock iPhone and mark those locations using a marker > then perform Step 9
Step 11: Click Save > Go back > Save > Done
Step 12: Press the Power Button and Scroll Up > Speak the Phrase you set to unlock iPhone

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For your better understanding, here is a quick video tutorial to teach you how to unlock your iPhone using voice control.

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