How to Fix AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect | Why is My AirTag Not Reachable?

FIX AirTag Not Reachable: Here is the complete guide on How to Fix AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect? If you are facing an issue with AirTag and are not able to find it, then here I have mentioned the 7 best ways to fix Fix AirTag not reachable problem.

If you are unable to locate Apple AirTag on your iPhone, there might be various reasons behind it. But by following this guide, you can instantly fix the “AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect | Why is My AirTag Not Reachable” problem in Find My app.

How to Connect (Set Up) AirTag to iPhone?

FIX AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect | Why is My AirTag Not Reachable?

Why is My AirTag Not Reachable?

There are many reasons why AirTag Not Reachable Error Showing. Some common causes are:

  1. Not in Range
  2. Battery is Dead
  3. AirTag is Damaged
  4. Device Not Updated
  5. Precise Location Disabled
  6. Bluetooth or Data Connection is Off
  7. Two-Factor Authentication Disabled

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How to Fix AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect?

Apply these 7 fixes one by one to fix AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect problem:

1. Replace AirTag’s Battery

Apple claims that the battery life of AirTag is approximately a year, so first check the battery level in Find My > Items > Click on AirTag > The Battery level will be displayed. In Apple AirTag CR 2032, 3V Battery is used, so if the issue is in the battery, then you have to replace the Battery with a new one.

Before replacing the battery, first check that AirTag’s battery is placed in the right position, so first, take out the existing battery and put it back in the right position.

Replace AirTag Battery
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2. Update Your iPhone with the Latest Version

If a new iPhone is released, there is a chance that the older version might not work properly, so it is advised to update with the latest version. You can check the latest update in Settings > General > Software Update. If any update is available, download and install it.

3. Restart Your iPhone

If there are some software malfunctions in the connected iPhone, restarting will probably fix the AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect problem and other unknown issues you may not have noticed until now.

Restart the Device

4. Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi/Cellular Connection

If the Bluetooth is turned on for a long time but not connected with AirTag, it might not work properly, so you can turn off Bluetooth, wait for a few seconds and turn it on. Most probably, it will fix the issue if it is happening because of Bluetooth.

Switch to a Better Internet

5. Enable Two-factor Authentication

To set up and use AirTag, Two-factor authentication must be enabled; if it got disabled by any chance, recheck and enable two-factor authentication from settings. It can be enabled in Settings > Your Name > Password & Security > Enable Two-factor authentication.

6. Restart Find My App

If the Find My app is running in the background for a long time, then you need to relaunch the app to fix the issue. Drag from the bottom of the screen, and all the apps running in the background will be displayed; from the minimise window, remove Find My app, and the issue will be fixed.

7. Reset AirTag

If any of the above fixes didn’t help, then it’s time to reset the AirTag, as it has helped users solve all the issues, such as weak signal, AirTag not working, and many other issues. To reset AirTag, first remove it from your Apple ID, then reset it by following our guide on How to Reset AirTag for New Phone or Apple ID.

8. Contact Customer Support

If all the above fixes are not working for you, the last thing you can do is contact the support on social media or by official email. Share the issue with a screenshot or video and ask for a solution; they have the solution for all errors occurring, and all the issues will be fixed.

Contact Customer Support


Why is My AirTag Not Reachable?

The main reasons Why is AirTag Not Reachable error showing is because of connectivity, but some other reasons are AirTag Not in Range, Battery is Dead, AirTag is Damaged, Device Not Updated, Bluetooth or Data Connection is Off, Two-Factor Authentication Disabled. So verify and fix these issues and try again.

How to Fix AirTag Not Reachable?

There are various ways to fix AirTag not reachable problem. Fixes you can try are replacing AirTag’s battery, restarting your iPhone, enabling Bluetooth and Internet connection, enabling two-factor authentication, reset AirTag.

How to Set Up AirTag?

AirTag setup is easy just put the AirTag battery and bring it near your iPhone/iPad and continue with the setup process.

How to Reset AirTag?

Press on the silver back cover and rotate counterclockwise until the cover stops rotating > Remove the cover > Remove the battery > Put the battery back and press down until you hear a sound > Repeat these steps a total of 5 times. The fifth sound differs from the previous four, which means it is ready to pair.

Wrap Up

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