How To Unfriend In Free Fire MAX (FF MAX)?

This is the step-by-step tutorial on How To Unfriend In Free Fire MAX. I will be sharing the easiest ways to remove friends in FF MAX. In beginning of the game we make friends in ff max and in the meantime we add some annoying people who either don’t want to play or makes the game very disturbing.

How To Unfriend In Free Fire MAX?

Step 1: Click on Friend’s icon

Step 1: Click on Friend's icon

Step 2: In Game Friends tab, click on the player whom you want to remove
Step 3: Click on Delete Friend

Click on Delete Friend

Step 4: Click Ok to confirm

Step 4: Click Ok to confirm

Step 5: This will remove the player from your friend list

This is how you can remove friends in ff max easily. You can remove as much friend you want to remove by following the above tutorial

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