Snapchat Planet Order: Snapchat Solar System Order & Meaning

Snapchat Planets Order: Do you want to know about snap planets in order and Snapchat solar system order meaning in detail. After Telegram and Twitter, Snapchat has also launched its subscription plan, Snapchat+, to increase its revenue. Snapchat+ subscribers can get exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features.

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Snapchat Planet Order: Snapchat Plus Planets in Order & Meaning

Snapchat Plus Planets Meaning

Snapchat planet order is introduced to understand the closeness of the friend, where your close friends are assigned a planet based on their closeness to you. The 1st planet, Mercury represents the closest friend on Snapchat, Venus is the 2nd closest friend, Earth is 3rd, and so on. You can become close friends by sending snaps and texts most frequently.

Snapchat Plus Planets Meaning
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Users can see ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ by clicking on the gold-bordered badge with a gold ring around the friend’s profile. By clicking on the badge, you will see which planet you are in the Solar System. For example, if your friend is the Sun and you’re Earth in their Solar System, that means you’re their third closest friend.

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Snapchat Planet Order

In the friendmoji, the position or the name of the planet is not mentioned, so you can check the order for the Snapchat Plus planet mentioned here:

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars
  5. Jupiter
  6. Saturn
  7. Uranus
  8. Neptune.

Snapchat Planet Order – Friend Solar System Friendmoji

If you are confused about which friendmoji represents which planet, then the below table will help you easily understand the planet with its friendmoji.

1MercurySnapchat Plus Mercury
2VenusSnapchat Plus Venus
3EarthSnapchat Plus Earth
4MarsSnapchat Plus Mars
5JupiterSnapchat Plus Jupiter
6SaturnSnapchat Plus Saturn
7UranusSnapchat Plus Uranus
8NeptuneSnapchat Plus Neptune

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How to Subscribe Snapchat+?

Step 1: Go to your Profile
Step 2: Tap on the Snapchat+ banner card at the top
Step 3: Choose a subscription plan to start your 7-day free trial
Step 4: Complete the payment
Step 5: Restart the app to access Snapchat+ features

Note: If money is deducted and Snapchat Plus is not activating after successful payment, wait for some time or contact customer support to update.

Snapchat Plus Features

By subscribing to Snapchat+, you can:

  • Pin a friend as a #1 BFF
  • See your orbit with BFF
  • Display a badge in your profile
  • Get access to exclusive Snapchat icons
  • See how many friends have rewatched your story
  • See your Friend’s whereabouts in the last 24 hours

Wrap Up

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