What does gg sans Look Like on Discord Font?

What does gg sans Font Look Like on Discord: Do you want to know about Discord gg sans font appearance and why discord changed its typeface from Whitney to gg sans on all its platform? On 1 December 2022, discord updated the font across all platforms (Website, Discord mobile, and desktop apps).

Discord new font gg sans, provides the flexibility to customize the font and provide better user experiences.

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Discord Gg Sans Font Meaning

According to the discord support page, in gg sans font, lowercase “g” is an ode to gaming origins, and “gg” is an abbreviation for ‘good game’ frequently used by gamers on discord. gg also into the foundation of discord, as they use discord.gg in all of their shared links.

What does Gg Sans Look Like on Discord?

Discord gg sans font look very similar to the previous font, “Whitney,” as shown in the image below.

What does gg sans Look Like on Discord Font?

It looks very similar to the previous one, but some users complain that it is hard to read and want to revert discord font.

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Discord Font Gg Sans Not Working/Showing

If the discord new font gg sans is not showing or working, you need to refresh the website or update the app with the latest version to see changes. If you operate on the website, no action is required, and currently, it is not an open-source font, so you cannot use it for your projects.

How to Revert Discord Font?

The new font is the default font across all platforms on discord, and there is no way to change discord font back to the old one. But if you have good programming knowledge, you can follow the guide published below by u/nice__username on Reddit.

Note: If you don’t know what it is or don’t want any issues in the future, it is advised to stay with the default one.

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Wrap Up

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