Follow These Online Gaming Tips to Lag Less and Play More

The use of the Internet has increased drastically over the years since its inception. However, the biggest game-changers today are online gaming and video consumption that requires good latency, high-speed broadband internet, and unlimited data yet at affordable prices.

Let’s first understand how latency works. Latency means the time taken by data to travel from sender to receiver or source to its destination. The higher the latency, the more time it will take to transfer data.

What Happens When You Play With an Internet Connection That Has a High Latency Issue?

Your gaming character will follow your commands as soon as you give them. Thus, with a low-latency internet connection, your commands will travel at the fastest speed.

Online gamers recommend that playing on an internet connection with a ping of 120 ms or less is the best. However, for an optimum gaming experience, 20ms is the only best option.

Follow These Online Gaming Tips to Lag Less and Play More
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What Increases the Latency?

Using high-speed internet is not a solution to your high latency issues. If you are facing high latency issues with your internet, you better check out your hardware equipment. It also depends on your distance from the source location and some other minor factors that include the placement of the router, consumption, number of users at the moment, etc. The transmission of data packets is not unidirectional. They travel from source to destination from multiple directions. Thus, increasing the distance will increase latency.

What could be done differently to avoid it?

To lower the latency, you must check the internet speed and its bandwidth. If you are low on budget, you can go for a minimum internet speed of around 15 Mbps (no less than this). Also, do not forget to check the bandwidth.

Bandwidth doesn’t matter if there are few internet users. If you are the only person using the internet in your house, bandwidth will not matter that much. However, you have to buy a plan with more bandwidth if your family members also depend on using the internet daily. Additionally, bandwidth also matters if you are a heavy gamer, or streamer, and consume video content in huge quantities.

Low Latency Is the Key

Here is a quick list you should consider and follow along with the tips to lower internet latency:

  1. When using the internet, closing extra apps running in the background will lower your ping such programs include Netflix and YouTube, etc. It is perhaps a common thing and most of us do.
  2. Lower the number of devices connected to the internet. It will decrease the amount of bandwidth needed for you to use the internet at its best. Try this method, as you will see a noticeable change in your overall internet-using experience.
  3. Try to keep the router closer to you (in your room or wherever you play games). Wi-Fi signals become weaker because of walls, furniture, and other physical objects. Sit closer to the Wi-Fi router to enjoy an enhanced internet-using experience.

ISP Suggestion for Lag Less and Play More

Since gaming requires less lag and an unlimited and uninterrupted experience, we would advise you to check if fiber internet is accessible near you. Fiber internet speeds have to be the fastest and perfect bet for less lag and play more.

If the Xfinity internet service is accessible in your area, we would highly recommend you get that, it is affordable and it won’t put a dent in your pocket. The high-speed experience is amazing, but the responsive customer service and pocket-friendly packages make the deal sweeter. Your game experience will significantly improve and you will like it – that makes the ISP worth it.

Wrap Up

In the aforementioned discussion, we have shared the tips for making your gaming experience better as well as the ISP recommendation.

Besides that, we would encourage you to ask around, what other gaming partners are using and which ISP works best in your area. Package prices and availability of ISPs are usually different from one place to another.

Do your research and don’t forget to consider the number of users and gamers who use the same internet before subscribing to any. Deciding the right package that not only fulfills your requirements but fits into your budget can be a task but it’s just a one-time thing.