[Fix] Chrome Cant Login to Website Using Facebook App Not Setup

How to Fix Facebook Not Loading on Chrome: Here is the complete guide on How to fix Chrome Cant Login to Website Using Facebook App Not Setup? Facebook is the most popular social media developed by Mark Zuckerberg, where you can upload photos, videos, and texts. The app can be operated on the mobile app and browser as well. But if you are facing an issue with Facebook, here I have mentioned the top 7 ways to fix Facebook not loading on chrome.

If you are unable to use Facebook in chrome browser or any other browser, there might be various reasons behind it. But by following this ultimate guide, you can instantly fix Facebook not working on chrome in the easiest ways.

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How to Fix Chrome Cant Login to Website Using Facebook App Not Setup

Why is Facebook Not Loading on Chrome?

There are many reasons why Facebook is not loading on chrome; some common causes are incorrect credentials, slow internet, outdated browser, cache & cookies, etc. You can follow these 7 fixes to solve the issue.

How to Fix Chrome Cant Login to Website Using Facebook App Not Setup?

  1. Update Browser/PC: If your Browser/PC is outdated, make sure to update it. To update Chrome, type chrome://settings/help in the URL box. It will automatically search for updates and update the browser. To update the window, navigate to PC settings then Windows update.
  2. Clear Browser Cache: In most cases, clearing the cache fixes all errors. To clear the chrome cache, you need to go to
    ◉ Chrome Settings (chrome://settings) > Privacy and Security
    ◉ Clear Browsing Data > In basic, select all 3 options > Clear Data
  3. Incognito/Guest Mode: Most of the time, clearing the cache fixes the issue, but you can try login in the Guest/Incognito window as there is no role of cache and cookies. To use in an incognito window, press CTRL + Shift + N on your keyboard.
  4. Disable All Extensions: Chrome allows adding extensions to the browser to use more features at a time. But some chrome extensions are not compatible with every website. It might be a reason why the Facebook app is not loading. So disable all the extensions and try to log in again; the issue will probably be fixed.
  5. Flush DNS: If you have followed all the above fixes and still can’t log in to the Facebook website in chrome, then Flush DNS might fix the issue. To perform Flush DNS, follow these steps:
    ◉ Press the Start button on your PC > Type Command Prompt
    Right-click Command Prompt > Run as administrator
    ◉ Type ipconfig/flushdns > press Enter
  6. Reset Browser: If all the above fixes didn’t help you login to website using facebook app not setup then reset is the last option that you can do. Follow the steps to proceed with reset:
    ◉ Chrome Settings (chrome://settings) > Reset and clean up
    ◉ Click Restore settings to their original defaults > Reset settings
  7. Change Browser: If reset didn’t work or you don’t want to reset then the last option remaining is to change the web browser. You can go with a different browser such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc.

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