How to Setup and Use Paytm UPI Lite?

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on How to set up and Use Paytm UPI Lite? To facilitate quick payments with a maximum success rate without entering UPI Pin, Paytm has launched UPI Lite, where you can do small transactions like up to ₹200 faster with minimum chances of failure.

In the UPI Lite Wallet, you can add up to ₹2,000 two times a day and a maximum ₹4,000 a day. It is the same as usual UPI, but in UPI Lite, you don’t have to rely on banks for payment, and there is no need to enter a UPI pin for small transactions up to ₹200.

Maximum Payment₹200
Maximum Balance Add₹2,000/Transaction
Maximum Balance Add₹4,000/Day
UPI PinNot Required

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Banks Support UPI Lite

Currently, all banks are not supporting UPI Lite, some of the banks that support UPI Lite are:

  1. Canara Bank, 
  2. HDFC Bank, 
  3. Indian Bank, 
  4. Kotak Mahindra Bank, 
  5. Punjab National Bank, 
  6. State Bank of India 
  7. Union Bank of India, 
  8. Utkarsh Small Finance Bank

Benefits of Paytm UPI Lite

  • Same as UPI
  • Faster & Safe
  • No bank role involved
  • No UPI Pin is Required
  • Keep your bank passbook clean

How to Setup Paytm UPI Lite?

Step 1: Open the Paytm app on your Android/iOS phone
Step 2: Click on Profile Picture in the top left corner
Step 3: Click on UPI & Payment Settings > Scroll down and click on UPI Lite
Step 4: Choose the Eligible Bank account to use UPI Lite > Proceed to Setup UPI Lite

Open Paytm > Profile Picture > UPI & Payment Settings > UPI Lite > Choose Bank

Step 5: Enter the amount you want to add to your UPI lite wallet > Click Add Money to UPI Lite
Note: You can add up to ₹2,000 in a single transaction and max ₹4,000 in a day
Step 6: Authenticate the process by entering your UPI Pin to add money to UPI Lite Wallet

Enter the amount > Click Add Money to UPI Lite > Authenticate by UPI Pin

How to Use Paytm UPI Lite?

Step 1: Open the Paytm app on your Android/iOS phone
Step 2: Scan QR Code/Enter UPI ID
Step 3: Enter the amount > Choose UPI Lite instead of bank account
Step 4: Click Pay Securely
Step 5: The money will be debited from your UPI Lite wallet, not from your bank account

Scan QR Code > Enter amount > Choose UPI Lite > Make Payment Using Paytm UPI Lite


What is Paytm UPI Lite?

UPI Lite is a secure wallet offered by UPI. It lets you make small value UPI payments to QR codes, UPI IDs, and phone numbers without entering UPI PIN.

What is Paytm UPI Lite Limit?

You can add a maximum ₹2,000 in a transaction and a maximum ₹4,000 in a day; Paytm UPI Lite can make a maximum payment of up to ₹200 at once. For more than ₹200 transactions, you have to use your bank account.

What if I Do a Transaction Over ₹200?

If you try to do a transaction over ₹200, you will get an error message “You can only send upto Rs. 200 at a time via UPI. Please enter a lower amount“. To complete this payment, you have to use your bank account to pay via the normal UPI method.

How to Add More Thank ₹2000 in My Paytm UPI Lite?

As per NPCI guidelines, you can add only up to ₹2,000 in a single transaction and ₹4,000 in a day.

Can I Transfer UPI Lite Balance to My Banak Account?

Yes, you can transfer UPI Lite Balance to your bank account, or you can use it for payments.

UPI Lite Option Not Showing in Paytm?

Currently, UPI Lite is a new feature to Paytm, and it is not released for everyone. So you have to wait if the UPI Lite option is not showing in the Paytm app.

Can I Change my Bank Account in Paytm UPI Lite?

Currently, the bank account change option is not added in Paytm, but we might get the option to change the Paytm UPI Lite Bank account in the future.

Wrap Up

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