Free Fire Colour Code: How To Change Free Fire Max Signature Color?

Change FF Max Signature Colour: This is the step-by-step guide on how to change free fire max signature color and use FF signature color code. In the OB26 update (released on February 4, 2021) the signature feature was added along with so many other features. Free Fire allows players to write anything they like in 50 characters.

By default, it comes with plain white color but by following this guide we will be able to change the text color and use a colorful signature in Free Fire MAX. It is completely free of cost, so you don’t need to spend diamonds or money to change ff max signature colour.

Free Fire MAX Color Code (FF Bio Colour Code)

Some color codes can be used to make ff max signature colorful, the list of color codes accepted in Free Fire Max are:

Light Green[CCFF00]
Light Brown[808000]
Dark Green[0F7209]
Dark Brown[482B10]

If you are not happy with these color codes, you can also pick your favorite color from the color picker and remove # from it, and add square bracket [ ] on both sides of the color code.

See the Pen iro.js v5 Multicolor Demo by Envato Tuts+ (@tutsplus) on CodePen.

FF MAX Color Signature Format

The proper format of FF MAX Color Signature is [Color Code1]Text1 [Color Code2]Text2 [Color Code3]Text3 and so on. Here you have to place the color code without # in square bracket [ ] and the text placed after the color code will be of that color.

Ex: [ff0000]Place [00ff00]Your [45f3ff]Text [0000ff]Here and the output will be Place Your Text Here

Along with changing color, the text color can be bold, italic, underline, and of various styles. To apply these text styles, put these codes before color code or instead of color code and the changes will be applied.

[c]Stronger Color
[b]Bold Text
[i]Italic Text
[s]Crossed Out Text
[u]Underline Text
[sup]Overwritten Content
[sub]Subscript Content

How to Change Free Fire Max Signature Color?

Step 1: Log in to Free Fire Max > Navigate to the profile
Step 2: Click on the Signature box/Gear Icon (Setting Icon)

Click on the Signature box/Gear Icon

Step 3: Type or paste the signature in the proper format ([ff0000]Place [00ff00]Your [45f3ff]Text [0000ff] Here)
Step 4: Click OK to save changes

Type or paste the signature in proper format

Step 5: The changes will be applied next moment

Note: On your side, the code will be displayed as it is written, but if someone is visiting your profile the text will be colorful for them.

If you are confused about the process, here is a quick video tutorial that will help you change the signature text color in Free Fire.

Wrap Up

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