League of Legends Controls: LOL Keyboard Controls/Shortcuts & Hotkeys

League of Legends Keyboard Controls PC: Here is the complete guide on League of Legends Keyboard Shortcuts & PC Hotkeys. By following these keyboard shortcuts, you can control your in-game character in the easiest ways. For your comfort, I have mentioned all the League of Legends keybinds used to play the game with a keyboard and mouse.

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League of Legends Controls: LOL Keyboard Shortcuts

WUse Champion’s 2nd Ability
EUse Champion’s 3rd Ability
RUse Champion’s 4th Ability (Ultimate)
Ctrl + QAdd An Ability To Champion’s 1st Ability
Ctrl + WAdd An Ability To Champion’s 2nd Ability
Ctrl + EAdd An Ability To Champion’s 3rd Ability
Ctrl + RAdd An Ability To Champion’s Ultimate Ability
Alt + Q or Q + F1Cast Champion’s 1st Ability On Self (Must Be a Support Spell)
Alt + W or W + F1Cast Champion’s 2nd Ability On Self (Must Be a Support Spell)
Alt + E or E + F1Cast Champion’s 3rd Ability On Self (Must Be a Support Spell)
Alt + R or R + F1Cast Champion’s Ultimate Ability On Self (Must Be a Support Spell)
Shift + QSmart Cast Champion’s 1st Ability
Shift + WSmart Cast Champion’s 2nd Ability
Shift + ESmart Cast Champion’s 3rd Ability
Shift + RSmart Cast Champion’s 4th Ability
A or X or Shift + Right ClickAttack Move (Champion Moves To Point, Stopping Enemies Attack)
Alt + Right ClickCommand Pet
SStop Command
HHold Command
DCast 1st Summoner Spell
FCast 2nd Summoner Spell
1 2 3 5 6 7Use Consumable Item
4Use Trinket
EscClose Current Window
COpen Chamption Statistics
GToggle Alert Ping Cursor
YToggle Camera Lock On Champion
SpaceCenter Camera On Champion
O / Hold TabMatch Stats/Leaderboard
VToggle Retreat Ping Cursor
Ctrl + LCycle Through Minion Health Bar Views
Shift + LTurn Off Champion Health Bars
Shift + KTurn Off summoner Names Above Champion Health Bars
POpen Item Shop
Move Camera
Alt + Left ClickPing Location/Open Radial Menu
Ctrl + Left ClickRetreat Ping Location/Open Radial Menu
F2 or F3 or F4 or F5Move Camera To Corresponding Ally Champion
F12Take Screenshot
EnterCreate Chat Cursor
Shift + EnterOpen Chat With “/all”
Ctrl + FToggle The Numeric FPS & Latency Display
ZChat History
Hold ~Select/Target Only Champions When Using Champion Abilities or Summoner Speels

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League of Legends Control Shortcuts & Hotkeys
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What Is League of Legends (LOL)?

League of Legends (LOL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Game Defense of the Ancients inspires the games. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Macintosh Operating systems.

GameLeague of Legends
DeveloperRiot Games
PublisherRiot Games
Release Date27 October 2009
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, macOS, Macintosh operating systems
GenreMultiplayer online battle arena, Action role-playing game
ModeMulti Player
Available OnOfficial Website

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