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At WargXP we accept Guest Post Articles, Brand Submissions, and Content Matching to our niche.

Why Publish On WargXP?

WargXP is an authority site fully dedicated to gaming with over 50K+ traffic. Along with this website, we are actively working on almost every social media especially on YouTube.

How To Send Us Your Article?

Contact us and suggest the topics you could write about (add some bullet points so that we have a basic overview of what the article would be about). Don’t forget to include the focus keyword for each topic.

If we like your suggestions, we will contact you and let you know which topic would be interesting for us. After that, you may start writing the article.

Guidelines To Follow

These are the basic guidelines before sending us your article. We receive tons of emails, that’s why we decided to create these guidelines to make the process easier for both you and us.

We accept only high-quality posts that comply with our guidelines.

1. Unique Content

Your content must be unique and have a brief introduction by covering all the essential points about that topic which can’t be found on hundreds of other gaming blogs or at least have a new point of view.

The article must not be copied and should be at least 95% unique. Make sure you aren’t using AI Article Generation Tool, Article Rewriter Tool, or Translator.

You can send us:

  • Tips & tricks
  • A step-by-step tutorial
  • Upcoming game information
  • Anything new that’s not available on our website

2. Proper Optimization

Build the article around the focus keyword that represents the topic. Try to do some basic keyword research and optimize the post accordingly by including appropriate headings.

All in all, the better is the post, the more authoritative will be the link to your website in the long run.

3. Links Insertion

Make sure to link only relevant links to valuable resources. If possible, include at least one internal link to one of our blog posts.

4. Visuals

Don’t forget to insert the essential images, screenshots, etc. Please avoid using stock photos, if you are using stock images send us the link.

If you are not able to create interesting visuals. let us know how we can help you with that.

Share media files in a separate zip file and also place them in content so that we have a clear idea of its placement.

5. Article Length

For us, quality is over quantity but in our research, we have found that post with 2,000+ words ranks higher. So the post should have at least 2,000 words.

6. Content Ownership

Your submitted content will be reviewed & edited (if necessary) before publishing. Once the article is published WargXP will have the right to do any kind of changes and placements on that article.

What You Have To Send?

  • The Article
  • Media (In Zip)
  • Social Media Link
  • Intro About Yourself

Please Note: If the article doesn’t comply with our guidelines or it doesn’t meet our quality standards, we may not publish it.