FIX: Hogwarts Legacy Controller Not Working on PC (PS4, PS5, and Xbox Controller)

How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Controller Not Working on PC: If the Hogwarts Legacy Controller not working on PC? Then, here is the complete guide on How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Controller Problems and issues. You are not the only one facing issues with the controller while playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Many users are facing various issues with Hogwarts Legacy Controller, such as “Game Controller Not Working,” “Game Controller Not Connecting,” “Controller Suddenly Stops,” “Controller Not Detected,” and some more issues depending on the controller.

FIX: Hogwarts Legacy Controller Not Working on PC (PS4, PS5, and Xbox Controller)

Why is Hogwarts Legacy Controller Not Working on PC?

There are many reasons Why is Hogwarts Legacy Controller Not Working on PC. But some of the common reasons are:

  1. Dead Battery
  2. Connection Issues
  3. Firmware Updates
  4. Physical Damage
  5. Software Issues

How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Controller Not Working on PC?

Here are 10 ways to fix Hogwarts Legacy controller issues with PC; applying these fixes will fix all your issues regarding the game controller on PC.

1. Restart the PC

Restarting the PC fixes many unknown issues that make the PC work abnormally. So it is recommended to restart your PC if the controller is not working with the game. To restart your PC Click on Start Button > Power > Restart.

2. Replace the Batteries

If you are using a wireless controller, there is a chance that the batteries might be dead. So it is recommended to replace the batteries or charge them and try again.

3. Unplug & Plug Controller

It is always recommended to use a wired controller as they deliver fast response and doesn’t cause more issue as compared to a wireless one. If you are using the wired controller, then unplug and plug it in again into the game console.

4. Press Alt+Enter

When you are in the middle of the game, the controller gets disconnected automatically or can’t get recognized, then pressing the Alt + Enter key on the keyboard will take you out of the game screen. Then going back to the game screen might fix the problem.

5. Restart Game Launcher

Sometimes game launcher has some glitches due to which it doesn’t work properly. So close the game and exit from the game launcher properly and make sure to Exit from the notification area. Once it is closed, restart the game launcher, and the Hogwarts Legacy Controller problem will be fixed.

6. Update Drivers & Firmware

To make the controller work properly, it needs drivers, and over time updates are released for drivers. If the controller drivers are outdated, update it with the latest version and try again. The updates can be checked either in PC settings (Windows Update) or in the device manager.

  • Press Windows Key + X > Click on Device Manager
  • Find your Controller > Double click to expand
  • Right-click on it > Click Update driver
  • Choose Search automatically for updated driver software
  • If available, update it with the latest version

7. Disconnect other Bluetooth Devices

Using multiple Bluetooth devices might interfere with wireless devices. If multiple Bluetooth devices are connected to the PC, try to disconnect the rest of them and only connect the game controller.

8. Reset Contoller

Resetting is one of the best ways to fix all the software issues a controller has. Press the reset button for 5-10 seconds, and it will turn off the controller. Connect it to the cable and turn it on to complete the reset procedure. After resetting, all the controller settings will be set to default, so customize them again according to your convenience.

9. Contact Customer Support

Customer support is the last option if all the above fixes didn’t solve the controller issue. You can ask for a solution and follow their guidance. Customer support details are always mentioned on the official site of the company.

If you perform these fixes, the Hogwarts Legacy Controller Not Working on PC problem will be fixed. So it is highly recommended that you should perform the above fixes one by one.

Wrap Up

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