How To Use Emote In PUBG New State?

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This is the step-by-step tutorial on How To Use Emote in PUBG New State. Initially when you create a new account in PUBG: New State there are five emotes available for free. But there are some alternative ways by which free emotes can be earned without spending NC.

In this article I will be sharing a complete guide on PUBG New State emotes to use them effectively, and will also be sharing alternative ways to get free emote in new state.

What Is Emote In PUBG: New State?

Emote is a computer-generated animation by which the player can express their feeling to their teammate in the game. It can be cheer, happy, sad or any other stylish action. In initial there are 5 emotes available (Thumbs Up, Clap, Hello, Let’s Go, Affirmative). These free emotes can be used in the game by following the below steps.

How To Use Emote In PUBG New State?

Follow the below steps to use emote in PUBG New State (anywhere in the game TDM, Lobby, Match).

Step 1: Click and Hold Emoji Icon
Step 2: Available emote will appear
Step 3: Move your finger to the emote you want to use
Step 4: The character will perform that action

Emote In PUBG New State

How To Get Free Emote In PUBG New State?

There are various ways by which you can get free emote in PUBG: New State. Some of the best and genuine ways to earn free emotes without NC are:

1. From Paid Pass (PP) and Free Pass (FP)

You can purchase the monthly Paid Pass/Royale Pass in PUBG: New State and by reaching at that level, player will be able to redeem a free emote. Not only in Paid Pass but also in Free Pass an emote is available to claim

2. By Completing Missions

There are weekly and daily missions held by the game and sometimes on variety of festivals in different parts of the world events arrives in the game. So you can complete those missions and become the lucky one to grab free emotes in new state.

3. By Purchasing PUBG New State Characters

In PUBG New State different characters are available and each of them contains some kind of emote and actions, so you can also purchase them with NC (PUBG: New State Currency).

These are some genuine ways followed by almost every new state players to get free emotes. So you can also follow these techniques for yourself.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about How To Use Emote In PUBG: New State. If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with