How To Increase Merit In BGMI/PUBG Mobile?

This is the step-by-step tutorial on How To Increase Merit In BGMI or PUBG Mobile and maintain it to 100 points. I will also let you know why BGMI merit not increasing, what is the reason for the deduction and how to check merit in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India grants 100 merit points to every player. The merit point is a score to ensure fair gameplay without performing any illegal activities. Merit score differs depending upon the activities performed by the players because it is hard to monitor millions of accounts one by one.

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Why BGMI Merit Not Increasing?

There can be many reasons why BGMI merit not increasing and for the deduction of Merit Points in, but some of the most popular reasons are:

ViolationViolation DescriptionViolation Penalty Infor
Language ViolationInsulting othersMerit deductions and muting. The penalty increases if there are multiple violations.
Spreading information on how to break the rulesSpreading ads or illegal informationDeduction of Merits, ban, mute
Griefing TeammatesIntentional idling, leaving the team while on Spawn Island, leaving a match.Merit deductions and match bans. The higher the tier, the more points will be deducted.
Attacks TeammatesUse Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, the carry feature, vehicles, etc., to harm teammates.Merit deductions. The higher the tier, the more points will be deducted.
Teaming up with cheaterPlaying and forming a team with cheatersMerit deductions, bans, rank removal
Cheating and third-party toolsCheating or using third-party tools to cheatMerit deductions, bans, rank removal
TeamersRefusing to cooperate or playing negativelyMerit deductions, bans
Exploiting bugsExploiting bugsMerit deductions, bans

What Are The Restrictions With Less Merit Points

Merit PointsRestrictions
100BP Limit Is Increased By 200
80-99You have good Merit, don’t loose
60-79You can’t play ranked matches, and your BP & EXP earnings will be reduced By 50%
20-59You can’t play ranked matches (Classic & Arena) and your BP & EXP earning will be reduced by 70%
0-19You can only play VS AI Mode and your EXP & BP earning will be reduced by 90%

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How To Check BGMI Merit Points?

Step 1: Go to your BGMI profile > Click on Stats

Step 1: Go to your BGMI profile > Click on Stats

Step 2: In the Tier Overview your current merit points will appear

Step 2: In the Tier Overview your current merit points will appear

You can view anyone’s merit score by visiting their BGMI profile, let it be any random player or a player from your friend list.

How To Increase Merit In BGMI?

There are many ways by which one can increase BGMI merit points. It is not that difficult to reach merit points back to 100. As much time you spend playing the game and improving your game performance, your BGMI merit will increase. Follow the below guidelines for quick increment:

TaskMerit Points
Finish In 51-100+1
Finish In 11-50+2
Finish Under Top 10+3

These are the tasks that you can perform to earn merit points for free. You have to remember that earning merit points is not a quick process, you have to work hard for this.

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