BGMI & PUBG Santorini Map Release Date (PUBG 8v8 TDM Map Details)

BGMI & PUBG Santorini Map Release Date: In PUBG Mobile beta version, a new 8v8 TDM Map has been spotted. Where 8 players from both sides will enter the game and the party finishing 80 players will be the winner.

In this article we will be talking about the new upcoming 8v8 TDM Map “Santorini”. Here I have tried to mention everything that came up in the recent news reports from PUBG insider.

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PUBG 8v8 TDM Map Details

PUBG Santorini Map Release Date

The PUBG Mobile Santorini Map Release Date is 10 February 2022. It is not announced officially, but the probability of releasing on 10 February is 90-95%. But as soon as it is releasing you will be notified.

By any reason if the map is not releasing on 08 February then, most probably it will be released with the next update of PUBG Mobile v1.9 (releasing in March 2022).

PUBG Santorini Map Locations

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The idea of this new 8v8 Santorini Map is picked from the building and streets of Greece. Santorini Map has the space for 16 players, 8 from each party. This map is a bit larger in comparison to other TDM Maps as it consists of 16 players. Locations that are accessible in the map are:

  1. Villa
  2. Cafe
  3. Suites
  4. Stairs
  5. Corridor
  6. Restaurant
  7. North Street
  8. South Street
  9. Central Path

PUBG Santorini Map Official Trailer

On the official Instagram account of PUBG KR, an official trailer of Santorini Map is released. In the trailer, all the locations has been displayed. You can watch the below video for complete details

What Is PUBG Santorini Map Release Date?

PUBG Santorini Map Release Date 10 February 2022.

How Many Players Can Play In Santorini Map?

There are total 16 players can play in the Santorini map, 8 players from each side.

How To Play In Santorini Map?

The Santorini Map will be available in the Arena unranked mode. Just tap on it and start the game.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about BGMI & PUBG Santorini Map Release Date (PUBG 8v8 TDM Map Details). If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with

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