PUBG PC Update13.2 Patch Notes: New Features, Weapon & More

/ / PUBG PC Update13.2 Patch Notes: New Features, Weapon & More

PUBG PC Update 13.2 Patch Notes: PUBG PC is back with another patch note update where lots of new things have been upgraded such as new weapon P90, Trunk System, Blue Zone Grenade, New Weather with lots of improvements and optimizations in the gameplay.

Let’s have a complete look at all the updates one by one that is coming to the next update of PUBG PC. These updates have been announced officially by PUBG on their official website, so you can also check their official website for further information.


  • New Weapon: P90
  • New Feature: Trunk System
  • New Weapon: Blue Zone Grenade
  • New Weather

PUBG PC 13.2 Patch Notes Update

These are new features and updates that will be seen in the next update of PUBG PC with lots of amazing items and improvements in the gameplay.

1. New Weapon: P90

In this update, they are adding everyone’s favorite SMG P90 that supports 5.7mm ammo which will help in longer-range combat. It also comes with a pre-attached Cheek Pad, Handguard, Laser, and Silencer which is non-detachable.

SMG P90 in PUBG PC delivers the damage rate of 35 in up to 300m range whose rate of fire is 1,000 RPM.

PUBG PC New Weapon: P90
Image Credit: PUBG

2. New Feature: Trunk System

With the Trunk System, you can maximize the acquisition of items for victory on Taego. Use the compartment of the Porter to load various items and take them out when needed. If the vehicle gets blown up, all the items in the compartment will also be destroyed. If you desire to keep your items safe, make sure your vehicle is safe.

PUBG PC New Feature: Trunk System
Image Credit: PUBG

3. New Weapon: Blue Zone Grenade

It is throwable and with this new weapon you can use create a small Blue Zone for 5sec and after 5sec it will automatically disappear. This would be useful to bring hidden enemies out of the building. It delivers the same damage as the Blue Zone does in a normal match.

PUBG PC New Weapon: Blue Zone Grenade
Image Credit: PUBG

4. New Weather

Sunset and Overcast two new weather is coming in Taego to maximize the experience. These two kinds of weather will be applied randomly in the match.

5. New Mode: Casual Mode

Casual Mode is a less intense environment, in this mode, you can play up to 3 matches a day (Solo, Duo, Squads) with a maximum of 12 players/match. It is available only on Erangel

6. Lynx AMR Update

Lynx AMR is a newly added weapon that has low ammo capacity. To make the weapon used widely in the game, from now the ammo capacity has been increased from 5 to 10.

7. Bug Fixes and UI Improvement

There were some bugs in the last update which have been fixed in the PUBG PC 13.2 update. To make the game smoother some improvements have been made.

For your better understanding here is a short video by PUBG by which you can easily get the complete information about the PUBG PC latest updates. The patch notes with a detailed guide are available on the official website.

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