Garena Free Fire 1.65 Patch Notes (FF 1.65 Patch Notes Update)

After the release of Garena Free Fire 1.65 Update, the Patch Notes have been released where you will find lots of new updates and changes in the game. In the Free Fire 1.65 patch notes update, you will be experiencing lots of new and improved items in the game. The updates coming in Free Fire have been already released in its Beta Version, and now it is becoming available for everyone officially on the Google Play Store.

In this article we will be talking about all the newly added items and improvements made in the game with complete details. Here we have lots of new features to experience, so sit tight and read the complete article.

Garena Free Fire Patch Notes Update
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Free Fire 1.65 Patch Notes Highlights

  • 6v6 Clash Squad (Custom Room)
  • Play Zone Adjustment
  • Character and Pets Changes
  • Weapon and Balance
  • Replay System (Beta)

Garena Free Fire 1.65 Patch Notes

These are all the changes that have been made in the ff patch note, for a better user experience. Let us have a look at everything one by one.

1. Clash Squad

In the clash two changes have been done, the first one is 6v6 mode is available in custom room and some map adjustment has been done. For Mars Electric, we adjusted the play zone slightly to ensure the warehouse is in the center of the map.

2. Battle Royale

Airdrop Vending Machine: In the Battle Royale mode, the Vending Machine is an important feature that helps to gather gears and revive the fallen teammates. With the Airdrop Vending Machine, players can spend FF coins in more locations and after this update it will be available in Battle Royale.

Play Zone Adjustment: Many players are taking the advantage of Play Zone, so this time the damage of the play zone has been increased a bit. The damage of play zones increased by 10% and the increased damage increase of play zones by 3%.

3. Character and Pets

Chrono: After the change, they have added some cooldown and reduced the shield duration to make sure players will use skills with a high cost.

  • Movement Speed: 5/7/9/11/13/15% → 5/6/7/8/9/10%
  • Skill Duration: 3/4/5/6/7/8s → 3/3/4/4/5/5s
  • CD: 200/192/185/179/174/170s → 250/242/235/229/224/220s

Wukong: Before this update the Wukong is moving at a fast speed with a reduced hit box and after this patch update they are reducing the movement speed by 20% when camouflage is activated.

Andrew “The Fierce”: Wolfpack is too strong when the whole squad is equipping this skill. That’s why they are reducing the damage reduction a bit, so weapons can still be effective against fully armored Awakened Andrew.

  • Damage Reduction: 8/9/10/11/12/14% → 5/7/8/9/10/11%

Shirou: Damage Delivered’s long cooldown makes the skill unreliable when players are constantly in combat. So they are reducing the cooldown of the skill a bit, so it can ready faster between combats.

  • Cooldown: 35/34/32/29/25/20s → 25/24/22/19/15/10s

Jai’s Microchip: A new Jai’s Microchip has been added to the free fire store that a player can use to get Jai’s Skill – Raging Reload.

4. Weapon and Balance

Treatment Sniper: A new Treatment Sniper is added to add up some strategic choices in the game. The specifications of this item are:

  • Base Damage: 70
  • Heal Strength: 50
  • Rate of Fire: 0.45

SPAS-12: In comparison to other shotguns available in the game, SPAS-12 has a bit weaker strength, so they are increasing the range by 10% after this update.

P90: In the meantime, P90 is not performing a good strength in comparison to other SMGs. After this update, P90 has got a bit more power and its range has been increased by 10%.

AWM: As you know, AWM is just venomous in comparison to other weapons of Free Fire. That’s why to keep it effective the Armor Penetration has been increased by 8%.

Along with all these weapons, there are some other changes with other weapons have been also made. You can read them at the official website of Free Fire.

5. Replay System

After receiving lots of feedback from players around the world Garena is adding new feature to capture highlight moments that happens in the match. But currently it is in Beta Testing only for some selected devices.

This feature will work smoothly on high-end devices, low specs devices may lag too much when this is enabled.

These are some of the major changes that have been informed by the Garena Free Fire on their official patch notes. Along with these improvements, some changes in the game have been made in the game for a better user experience.

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