Free Fire OB33 Update Release Date, Size, Server, Download, Advance Server, Patch Notes, Login, Code

Here we will be talking about Free Fire OB33 Update Release Date, Size, Server, Download, Advance Server, Patch Notes, Login, Code, VPN and other details. Here you can also check the Free Fire OB33 Advance Server details to register and download APK. In the next OB update we might see lots of new things such as Link System, New Character Kenta, Altered Steffie’s Ability, A124’s Ability Change, Memory Fragments, New Clash Squad Season, Other Changes, and more.

Free Fire OB33 Update Patch Notes

In the next Free Fire OB33 update, new features that have been added into the game have been mentioned below:

  • Link System
  • New Character Kenta
  • Altered Steffie’s Ability
  • A124’s Ability Change
  • Memory Fragments
  • New Clash Squad Season
GameGarena Free Fire
TypeAdvance Server
OB33 Update Size700MB

What Is Free Fire OB Update?

OB (Open Beta) update is that version of game in which upcoming features are added into and this is given to some limited players to test its ability that how it will perform in the final version. If you are finding any issue or bug in the game and report it to the developer, they might also reward you with some in-game items.

In Free Fire OB Update usually comes once after every 2 months, and it lasts for around 6-7hours to complete.

Free Fire OB33 Update Release Date

Free Fire OB32 update was released on January 19, 2022, where a lot of new items had been added (New Character, New Weapon, etc.). Here is the next Free Fire OB33 Update with another new items. The expected release date of OB33 update is March 23, 2022.

Once the update is officially released, you won’t be able to log in to the game for 6hrs from 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM. So don’t get worried if Free Fire is not opening today. It is because server maintenance is going on and will be fixed by 05:00 PM with new updated features.

What Is Free Fire Advanced Server?

Advanced Server in Free Fire is the earlier version of the game on a testing server where the upcoming version of the game gets tested for any kind of glitch or bug in the game. This is done so that in the final version, players don’t find any glitches. But the Free Fire Advanced Server is given to limited players only, so you can register to get access to it.

Free Fire OB33 Advance Server Release Date

The expected Free Fire OB33 Advance Server APK release date is March 23, 2022, and the server will be open from March 10, 2022, to March 17, 2022. In order to get the access of advance server, players have to do registration that begins 5 days before the release date. So the registration might start from March 06, 2022, the tutorial for registration is given below.

OB33 Advanced Server remains open for only 8 days from March 10, 2022, to March 17, 2022. So you can test all the upcoming features before the final release in global servers.

EventRelease Date/Time
Free Fire OB32 Release DateJanuary 19, 2022
Free Fire OB33 Release DateMarch 10, 2022
Release & End Time09:00 AM – 04:30 PM
OB33 Advance ServerMarch 23, 2022
OB33 Advance Server RegistrationMarch 6, 2022

How To Register For OB33 Advanced Server?

Step 1: Go to FF Advance Server Official Website
Step 2: Tap on Login Facebook

Tap on Login Facebook

Step 3: Log in with your connected Facebook account
Step 4: Fill details and Submit

Fill details and Submit

Step 5: If you are eligible, Advance Server will be available to download

Unfortunately, there isn’t any feature of FF Advance Server for iOS devices. But by following above steps, you can easily register for OB33 advance server.

How To Download OB33 Advanced Server?

Step 1: Go To Free Fire Advance Server Official Website
Step 2: Tap on Login Facebook
Step 3: Click on Download APK

Download OB31 Advanced Server

Step 4: Install downloaded APK
Step 5: Open the game & Sign-in with your Facebook/Guest

Free Fire OB33 Server List

Garena Free Fire run on multiple servers in different parts of the world, some popular servers on which ff runs are:

  1. Free Fire India Server
  2. Free Fire Mexico Server
  3. Free Fire Taiwan Server
  4. Free Fire Brazil Server
  5. Free Fire Russia Server
  6. Free Fire Europe Server
  7. Free Fire Vietnam Server
  8. Free Fire Thailand Server
  9. Free Fire Pakistan Server
  10. Free Fire Malaysia Server
  11. Free Fire Indonesia Server
  12. Free Fire Bangladesh Server
  13. Free Fire Middle East Server

OB33 Advance Server Login Code

Before OB24 Advanced Server there was single option of login (Facebook), but after this update Guest Login feature has been introduced in the game that requires an activation code sent to your email (used while registration).

So before downloading the latest version of Advance Server APK, make sure you have received the working OB33 Advance Server activation code. Once you have downloaded and installed OB33 advance server APK, log in using guest and or by any method and enter the activation to get access to all the upcoming features.

OB Update Advance Server Login Code

Download Free Fire OB33 Update APK+OBB

Free Fire Logo Icon
GameGarena Free Fire
UpdateOB33 Advance Server
Maintenance Schedule09:30 AM IST – 6:30 PM IST
Size58MB & 686 MB
Release DateMarch 23, 2022

What Will I Get For Reporting Bugs In OB33 Advance Server?

You are very lucky if you have received the activation code, by using this code as an opportunity you can earn some diamonds for free by playing the game and reporting the bugs/glitches available in the advance server.

The Prize Pool is available at 3 levels that are 3000, 2000, and 1000 diamonds. In this, one player will get 3000 diamonds, two players will get 2000 diamonds, and three players will get 1000 diamonds.

Players who find and report the first-ever glitch in the Advanced Server will be rewarded with 100 diamonds. So enjoy the Advanced Server APK and grab free diamonds.

Free Fire OB Update Rewards


Why Free Fire Is Not Opening Today?

Free Fire is not opening today because of server maintenance, but don’t worry about your account, it is 100% safe, and you will be able to access it again, once the update is finished.

What Is Free Fire OB33 Update Release Date?

Free Fire OB33 Update Release Date is March 23, 2022.

When Does OB33 Advance Server Registration Start?

Garena Free Fire OB33 Advance Server Registration will start on March 6, 2022.

When Is OB33 Advance Server Release Date?

OB33 Advance Server will release date is March 23, 2022.

When Is Free Fire OB33 Advance Server Duration?

Free Fire OB33 advance server is opened only for 8 days from March 10, 2022, to March 17, 2022.

What Is Free Fire Advance Server Code?

Free Fire Advance Server Code is given only to those users who have done the registration, and it is also given to random players, so do your registration and grab the APK file.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about Garena Free Fire OB33 Update Release Date, Size, Server, Download, Advance Server, Patch Notes, Login, Code. If you have any query, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned with

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