BGMI Beta Version 2.8 Download [Android/iOS]

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BGMI Beta Version: Are you looking for BGMI Beta Version 2.8 Download and become the first to try the latest features and improvements in the game. Well, the BGMI Beta Version 2.8 is now available to download. In this article, you will find the complete guide on downloading and installing the BGMI 2.8 Beta Version update and exploring the new features added to the game.

BGMI Beta Version 2.8 is an exclusive release that allows players to test the upcoming features of BGMI. By participating in the beta testing program, players can provide feedback to the developers, helping them identify and fix any issues before the official release. This beta version is used as a testing ground for new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

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BGMI 2.8 Beta Features

The newly added features in the PUBG Mobile 2.8 beta are:

  1. BP Shop
  2. Mythic Forge
  3. New Royale Pass Series
  4. DragonBall Super Themed Mode
  5. Premium & Classic Coupons in Treasure

What is BGMI Beta Version?

BGMI Beta Version is the pre-release version of the game. It offers an opportunity to experience the upcoming features and improvements before they are officially released. By downloading the beta version, players can explore new modes, features, gameplay mechanics, and more.

The BGMI beta version is released for selected players to get their feedback about the new features and fix issues in the final version. It doesn’t cost any charges; in addition, if you are helping developers fix the bugs. They may reward you with some in-game items for your valuable feedback.

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How to Register for BGMI Beta Tester?

Step 1: Go to the BGMI Beta Tester page
Step 2: Click on Join Beta [If slots are available]

BGMI Beta Version - Download Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta Update

Step 3: Clear Google Play Store cache and cookies
Step 5: Download and Enjoy BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Beta Update

How to Download BGMI Beta Version 2.8?

Step 1: Clear Google Play Store cache and cookies from settings
Step 3: If the Beta update is released, you will get the option to update the game

Note: Till now, BGMI hasn’t released any official platform to provide APK and OBB files for BGMI Beta 2.8. So you can test the beta version with the help of the PUBG Beta update.

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Download BGMI 2.8 Beta Version

Download BGMI Beta Version [Android/iOS]
File Size852MB
PublisherKrafton, INC.
SupportsAndroid 5.1 & Up
Last UpdatedAugust 2023

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What is Beta Version?

The Beta version is the earlier version of the game launched for limited users to test the bugs and improve the gameplay more efficiently.

Is PUBG Mobile and BGMI Beta Version the Same?

Yes, both games are developed by Krafton, and whatever changes are done in any update are seen in both games.

What is The New BGMI 2.8 Beta Update?

In BGMI 2.8 Beta Update, many changes are seen, but the new map World of Wonder is the most amazing of all those.

Why are Resource Files Not Downloading in Beta Version?

Sometimes resource files don’t download in the beta version, so you can clear the cache or reinstall the game.

Wrap Up

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