BGMI 2.2 Beta Patch Notes (BGMI August Beta Update)

BGMI 2.2 Beta Patch Notes: Before releasing the final update, a short patch note has been released for the BGMI 2.2 Beta Version Update. In this patch update, all the new features that have been revealed might be seen in the final version.

This time, Battlegrounds Mobile India has added lots of items to the game such as a new map, weapon, voice pack, etc. The best change about the 2.2 update is the new map “Nusa”, Shotgun “NS 2000”, Tactical Crossbow and more. Let’s have a quick look at all the updates.

BGMI Patch Notes Update (BGMI 2.2 Patch Notes Next Update)

BGMI 2.2 Beta Patch Notes (BGMI August Beta Update)
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BGMI 2.2 Beta Highlights

  1. New Map: NUSA
  2. New Weapon: NS 2000
  3. Tactical Crossbow
  4. New Character Voice Packs (Sophia, Riley)
  5. Game Improvements

BGMI 2.2 Beta Patch Notes

Here are the upcoming updates that will be seen in the next version of the game.

1. Classic Crate Coupons

For updating to the BGMI 2.2.0 version, you will be getting 2 classic crate coupons for free that you can use to open Classic Crates.

2. New Map: NUSA

A new map NUSA is added to the game where everything is completely different from all the previous maps. The items available in this map are also available in the previous maps. The UI of this map is fully optimized for a lag-free experience.

NUSA was released in Game For Peace 7months ago as Desert Island. It is a new 1×1 km tourist island map set in the tropics with abundant supplies, players can get into exciting battles as soon as they land. With matches that can be completed in 8 minutes.

The Island has many beautiful sights and interesting gameplay to experience. This information has been shared on the official discord server of PUBG Mobile Beta.

Match Duration8minutes
Total Players32
Map CategoryClassic

3. New Weapon: NS 2000

NS 2000 is a shotgun that has been added to the new map NUSA. Its mechanism is similar to the previous shotguns and deals with similar damage to the previous one.

4. Tactical Crossbow

It is the upgraded version of the normal crossbow because it accepts fire and bolts in it. So it can be used more now as compared to the normal crossbow.

5. New Voice Pack

Two new voice packs of Sophia and Riley are added to the game, Sophia is a female voice and Riley is a male voice. In the global update, it will be available for purchase.

6. New Vehicle: Quad Bike

A 4-wheeler bike “Quad Bike” is added to the NUSA map, which can be found only on this map. It is pretty good just like all the vehicles and runs faster.

BGMI 2.2 Update Download APK & OBB

The beta update has been released to find and fix all kinds of bugs in the game and improve the user experience. So if you spot any kind of bug or face any issue while playing BGMI Beta Version, report them to Krafton so that they could improve those bugs, and we get a fresh gaming experience.

I’m assuming this article would be useful for you to get complete information about BGMI 2.2 Beta Patch Notes (BGMI Beta Update). If you have any queries, suggestions, or want to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned to

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