BGMI 1.7 Beta Patch Notes (Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta Update)

BGMI 1.7 Beta Patch Notes: Before releasing the final update, a short patch note has been released for the BGMI 1.7 Beta Version Update. In this update, all the new features have been revealed that might be seen in the final version.

This time Battlegrounds Mobile India has tried to deliver futuristic UI by adding stuff like alien ships, welcome screens with spaceships, and many other items related to aliens. Let’s have a quick look at all the updates.

BGMI 1.7 Beta Highlights

  • Leage Of Legends Arcane
  • Mirror Mode
  • Hextech Crystals
  • Arcane Monster
  • Piggyback

BGMI 1.7 Beta Patch Notes

Here are the upcoming updates that will be seen in the next version of the game.

1. Classic Crate Coupons

For updating to the BGMI 1.7.0 version, you will be getting 2 classic crate coupons for free that you can use to open Classic Crates.

2. League of Legends Arcane In BGMI

The League of Legends animation, Arcane, is coming to Battlegrounds Mobile India. It looks pretty and very stylish with its weapons and stylish animation.

3. Mirror Mode

A new theme coming into the game called Mirror Mode, and you can enter in the Mirror Mode by clicking on Mirror Mode checkbox. The mirror island will be appearing only in the Mirror World mode in Erangel. Before the Mirror Island appears, you can jump from the airship and move around, and loot items just like when you are on the ground. Even if you are defeated in the mirror island, you can return to the ground with the items you have found.

When you enter the Mirror Island, your character will become one of VI, Jinx, Jayce or Caitlyn. Each character uses different weapons and has unique skills. If you do not like your character, you can change your transformation with the transform device on the Mirror island.

4. Hextech Crystals

You can find Hextech Crystals across Erangel map, gather Hextech Crystals and press the Hextech Crystal icon, below the mini-map on the right to enter the “Dynahex Supply Shop”. Where you can purchase diverse items for the battle. You can exchange them with new items that includes the Stimulant Pack, Tactical Landing Pack, and more. Which you can use tactically.

5. Arcane Monster

Monsters related to Arcane will appear across Erangel, including Mirror Island. You can check their location through the map, and those areas consist of new structures. Defeat the monsters in the area to get better items and more Hextech Crystals.

6. Piggyback (Carry Feature)

This is another exciting update coming in the BGMI 1.7 Update Patch note, that you can now give a piggyback to a knocked out teammate or enemy. While carrying a player your movement speed is reduced, and you cannot usee weapons. Of course, you cannot rid a vehicle, too. The health-reducing speed of the player riding on your back is slightly reduced.

The beta update has been released to fix all kinds of bugs in the game and improve the user experience. So if you spot any kind of bug or face any issue while playing report them to Krafton so that they could improve those bugs and we get fresh gameplay.

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