Rubber Bandits PC Control Shortcuts & Hotkeys (Keyboard + Controller)

Here is the complete guide on Rubber Bandits Controls Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys. By following these keyboard shortcuts, you can control your in-game character in the easiest ways. For your comfort, I have mentioned all the key bindings used to play Rubber Bandits on PC with keyboards and mouse. Along with Keyboard & Mouse, I have also mentioned the shortcut to play Rubber Bandits with Controller.

What Is Rubber Bandits?

Rubber Bandits is a criminally fun multiplayer party game for up to 4 players. With 8 action-packed game modes, players steal, brawl, and dash to the finish line with the most loot to win!

GameRubber Bandits
Release Date2 Dec 2021
GenreAction, Casual, Indie
Available OnSteam
Rubber Bandits PC Control Shortcuts
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Rubber Bandits Keyboard & Mouse Shortcut Controls

These shortcut controls can be used to play Rubber Bandits on a PC with the help of a Keyboard & Mouse.

W / Forward
S / Backward
A / Left
D / →Right
Space / ShiftJump
, / Left ClickAttack
. / Right ClickPick Up
Hold . / RMBThrow

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Rubber Bandits Controller Shortcut

The below shortcut controls are helpful when you are going to play Rubber Bandits with a Controller:

Left StickMove
XPickup + Throw (Hold)

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