PUBG New State Map Guide & Details

PUBG: New State has come up with 4 brand new futuristic maps in the game in initial stage available for players. So in this article I will be sharing the complete guide to PUBG New State Map and its details. Currently, the maps available in PUBG New State are Troi 2051, Erangel 2051, Station (TDM), Training Ground. Let’s have a look at all the four maps one by one:

PUBG New State Map Guide

1. Troi 2051

The whole world was mired in chaos in 2051, with the small American city of Troi no exception. As the government collapsed, groups such as New state, GLC, and Mayhem rose to power. One day, an unknown group of people in golden masks descended upon the town. And then the “Great Hunt” began. In PUBG New State Troi Map Size is 8KM x 8KM.

2. Erangel 2051

Erangel is PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’s first and original map where players spent countless hours enjoying the thrill of survival. ERANGEL still continues to be the most popular venue for survival in 2051. In PUBG New State Erangel 2051 Map Size is 8KM x 8KM.

3. Station (TDM)

Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a 4v4 match, where the first team to reach 40 kills wins the game. You can choose your weapon presets before you join the match.

4. Training Ground

All the equipment, vehicles, and guns of PUBG: NEW STATE are available to test and practice with on the training ground. Visit the training ground to practice and perfect your skills.

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